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Disney Merchandise & Collectibles Discuss Mouse Ears in the Disneyana forums; Anyone know where I can buy Mickey Mouse ears. I want just the ears, not an entire hat. When we were at the MK in January, I saw a 20 ...
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    Mouse Ears

    Anyone know where I can buy Mickey Mouse ears. I want just the ears, not an entire hat.
    When we were at the MK in January, I saw a 20 something man wearing a fedora with Mickey ears on it. I asked him where he got the hat, and he said he made it. He had bought the ears separately and attached them to this hat. He also said a store on Main Street sold just the ears. Well I looked and could not find said store.
    So if anyone can help, I would appreciate it. THX
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    Re: Mouse Ears

    Well i know now Disney has make your own ear hats and you choose your ears. There is a shop in DTD in the Marketplace and The Chapeau Hat Shoppe.
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    Re: Mouse Ears

    As big as it is and with as much merchandise it contains, I think your best bet would be World Of Disney in Downtown Disney.
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    Re: Mouse Ears

    I believe the Wonderful World of Memories has ear-hat components.

    This store:
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    Re: Mouse Ears

    Yeah, WWOM has a whole section with all the separate bits to make your own ear-hat. Including the ears on their own. I'm not sure how much they would charge though, as the price normally includes the skull-cap bit as well if I remember rightly, but your best bet is to go in and ask. Good luck with your custom Mickey hat!


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