OK, these aren't a collectible per sey but I'm hooked on them. I purchased two of the available men's styles in 10.5, the first year's style and this years Sorcerer Mickey. I've never worn them. I've bought the wife the Minnie Mouse.

But here's my problem. Last August the doctor diagnosed me as being a "pre" type 2 Diabetic. I was told to lose weight or prepare myself for a life of prescriptions. He prescribed me two prescriptions and told me that if I lost 25 lbs he'd take me off of them. Well, 10 months later I'm down 70lbs and two prescriptions! Since purchasing the shoes and losing weight, my foot has shrunk. I never really thought I had fat feet before.

Now I need to unload my two pair of runDisney shoes and buy these in my new size.

Anyone have an unused pair of men's 9.5 lying around?