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Disney Merchandise & Collectibles Discuss Have you seen this? in the Disneyana forums; Anybody see this? Oh... and if so... what does it do?...
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    Have you seen this?

    Anybody see this?

    Oh... and if so... what does it do?
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    Go here: for a better description.

  3. *Other games are Timon to the Rescue and Simba & the Tree of Trials
  4. *For 1 player
  5. *Five games featuring your favorite Disney characters
  6. *All games are stored in the joystick: just plug into your TV and play
  7. *Games include Donald's Disney Golf Tournament, Stitch's Search for Lilo, and Aladdin & the Gems of Agrabah
  8. Nothing to countdown to, so just smile and be happy everyday!

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    Wow did you read those horrible Looks like its not that great.

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    I'd stick with the old school plug n' plays.. like atari and sega.. but then again, I got them and they sit.

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