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Disney Merchandise & Collectibles Discuss any ideas for a REALLY special gift in the Disneyana forums; okay, so i'm going to WDW in January for my birthday. i plan on bringing things back for my parents (it'll be my first trip without them) and friends and ...
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    any ideas for a REALLY special gift

    okay, so i'm going to WDW in January for my birthday. i plan on bringing things back for my parents (it'll be my first trip without them) and friends and everything.

    and my grandma. i love my grandma so much. she's been awesome my whole life always taking care of me and making me feel special just when i need it. she's taught me so much.

    i know she loves disney (especially donald) and i want to bring her back something really unique and special so i thought maybe some of you who have been to the parks more recently might have some ideas of something to surprise her with.

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    Hi Figments Moose, that is so thoughtful of you to think about what gifts to bring back to your family! Are you thinking more collectible stuff or useful stuff? Personally, I like stuff I can use. They use to have a Disney Home store in DTD, but I am not sure if it is still there, they had so many great things in there. If it's no longer there then there is a home section in the World of Disney that has nice stuff. They have everything from towels, glasses, mugs, tea kettles, dishes etc.. Or maybe something like a Disney poster or print, I bought a beautiful one in the art store in DTD, and had it framed when I got home and it is now in my living room. You usually can't go wrong with Jewlery, they have a nice store right on Main Street (and alot of the hotels) that carry Disney themed jewlery (I love the watches). And last but not least, you can't miss with food (at least not in my home), theres all kinds of boxed goodies all through the parks and DTD. I also love all the different washclothes of all the characters and parks, I collect them (but we use them), I must have about 80 different ones I always pick some up in the parks or the Disney store, they also have one of Figment that you may want to pick up for yourself! Happy Shopping!! Have a great trip!
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    A blown glass Disney figurine would be nice.
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    How about.. a picture of you and Donald... you can buy a frame from DTD and have it engraved with some type of message and put the pic of you and donald in it....

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    The gold 50th anniversary Mickey Ears with their names stitched on the back. That's what I got my mom and she loved it.

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