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Well recently digging thru my vast archives I have struck the mother lode and found GOLD!

Now before I put this up on eBay, I am going to give you a chance to purchase this incredible set of 4 dvds on the 1964 New York World's Fair. I'm offering a BUY DIRECT OFFER on this Ultimate World's Fair 1964 4 Volume DVD Set!
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So come on and spend a day and an evening at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair!

Let's see what comes on these wonderful DVDs, shall we?

Volume 1
ELECTRIC SHOWCASE - "World's Fair Entertainment Spectacular", B & W Network TV Variety Show, 1964, with hosts Gordon and Sheila MacRae. Highlights: Sid and Marty Kroft's Puppet show, Al Hirt, Various International Pavilion's Live Entertainment, and more. Running Time: 60 Minutes
WORLD'S FAIR NEW YORK 1965 - Stock color footage, high quality and sharp (it definitely appears to be professionally shot using a tripod-Excellent footage!) Highlights: Ford Wonder Rotunda Exteriors and Interiors, GM Futurama Interiors, Illinois Pavilion, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln Exteriors, Monorail Exteriors and Interiors, The Pieta, The Pepsi-Cola Disney's It's a Small World Exteriors and Interiors (extensive), Disney Characters at the Fair, Aerial Footage of the Fair from the Goodyear Blimp, Exterior Footage of just about every Pavilion at the fair, Live Shows, GE's Carousel of Progress Exteriors and Interiors, Fair at Night (including a brief shot of the motion lights on the Carousel of Progress), and much more. No Sound. Running Time: 42 Minutes
RENDEZVOUS IN SPACE - Film by The Martin Company, color, promotion of Space Age as the Future. Highlights: Animated Moon (voice by Jim Backus?), Talking with Space, Character Actors in a Man on the Street Interview segment, Animated Film sequences interspersed throughtout the film, Animated Film Titan III Rocket rendezvous with an Orbital Space Stations (Paul Frees Voice Work), and more. Running Time: 20 Minutes

Volume 2
WORLD'S FAIR REPORT - wih Lowell Thomas, B & W, done for the World's Fair 1964-65 Corporation. Highlights: Lots of artwork and models shots of the Pavilion, as this was produced ca. 1963. Running Time: 26 Minutes
TO THE FAIR - color, Follow the exploits of: a couple, a Boy Scout Troop, Two Guys chasing Two Gals, and a family (the Wilson's) on a tour of a typical day through the fair. Running Time: 18 Minutes
WORLD'S FAIR ENCOUNTER - Worldwide Pictures, movie, color. Starring Pamela Bathing shot at the World's Fair, very rare interiors of the Illinois Lincoln Pavilion, the full film from the Billy Graham Pavilion, and much more. Running Time: 56 Minutes
FIBERGLAS AT THE FAIR - Owens-Corning Fiberglas, color, Echtachrome (pinkish hue). Highlights: Look at past Fairs and advancements, Fiberglass Attractions (Boats on Disney''s It's a Small World, Monorail, Uniroyal's Tire Ferris Wheel, Guided Tour Train, etc) Bell System Pavilion, Sinclair Fiberglass Dinosaurs, and much more. Running Time: 12 Minutes

Volume 3
SPLENDOR ON THE GREEN - presented by The Landsbergs, narrated by Fred Darwin, produced by Harry Landsberg, color. Newsreel style. Highlights: Nice Aerial Footage, Ford Magic Skyway Exteriors, Good Overall Footage of Pavilons and Entertainment, Bright and Crisp (just some film flicker), and much more. Running Time: 18 Minutes
GM FUTURAMA - color, Highlights: Exteriors, Queue line, Interiors, (amazing shots of a large portion of the interiors), and Exit Exhibits, General Motors Corporate film. Running Time: 8 Minutes
A BALLAD FOR THE FAIR - by the Bell System, Technicolor. Highlights: Nice World's Fair Construction Shots, Exterior shots of Illinois Lincoln Pavilion, Nice Overall General Fair Shots (in Technicolor), Focus on the Bell System Pavilion (exterior and interior, Shows, Bell System Picture Phones, The Bell System Ride, Kids Areas, etc). Running Time: 14 Minutes
THE 1964 NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR - B & W, and Color, Documentary. Highlights: Disney Costumed Characters, Ford Magic Skyway Exteriors, Interviews with Fair Historians, Attendees and Employees, and much, much more. Running Time: 60 Minutes
IBM AT THE FAIR - 1964, color, corporate film. Running Time: 8 Minutes
VIEW FROM THE PEOPLE WALL - color, IBM Corporate Film, "A Statement in Problem Solving and Abstract Models". Film is from the IBM Pavilion Information Show at the fair. Running Time: 12 Minutes
PANORAMA OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK - Documentary, Excellent. Running Time: 10 Minutes

Volume 4
UNISPHERE: BIGGEST WORLD ON EARTH - 1964, B & W, United States Steel Corporate Film, Documentary style. Highlights: Nice history of World's Fairs, Robert Moses Press Conference on the Unisphere, Great!, Construction footage of building the Unisphere, Interesting Cutaway Animation on the Engineering Design, Model Shot, and more. Running Time: 14 Minutes
DISNEYLAND GOES TO THE WORLD'S FAIR - 1964, color, tv show. Highlights: Walt Disney, Design and Art from the Disney Pavilions, Construction, Disney Animation, and much, much more. Running Time: 50 Minutes
OPENING DAY HIGHLIGHTS NBC TV - April 22, 1964, color, (echtachrome-pinkish, hue). Hosted by Henry Fonda, Marion Anderson, Carol Channing, Lorne Greene and Fred MacMurray. Produced by NBC for United States Steel. Highlights: Ford Magic Skyway Ride Through (Large Sampling of Interiors-VERY RARE!), Walt Disney in a Ford car on the Magic Skyway, Chrysler's Internal Combustion Engine Ride (Rare Interior Shots!), GM Futurama (Exterior and Interior), GE Carousel of Progress Interiors, Kodak Pavilion, RCA TV Studios, Time Capsule, Faith At the Fair, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The Pieta and much more. Running Time: 34 Minutes
PICTURE TAKING AT THE FAIR - color, Kodak Corporate film, 1964. Highlights: Striking Images at the Fair, Aerial Ride Over the Fair, Emmet Kelly, Carousel of Progress Exterior At Night, and much more. Running Time: 12 Minutes
GREAT FAIR GREAT FUN - Hearst Metrotone News, color (Echtachrome-pinkish tone), 1964, Newsreel. Running Time: 15 Minutes

Please Note DVD Quality: These dvds have been professional mastered and duplicated. Some variations occur due to the quality of the original film stock, most segments are in excellent condition.

All this for only $50.00
(Shipping and Handling is NOT included in the price)

To order, simple reply to this email at: dsnyana@verizon.net requesting complete payment instructions and I'll put a set aside for you!!!
So come on and spend a day and an evening at the 1964 New York World's Fair!

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