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Disney Merchandise & Collectibles Discuss No More Disney Catalog??!? :( in the Disneyana forums; Yes, my godmother who supplies all of my disney needs does not own a computer. Not exactly sure how I will get my b-day & Christmas gifts now!...
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    Yes, my godmother who supplies all of my disney needs does not own a computer. Not exactly sure how I will get my b-day & Christmas gifts now!
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    I am also bummed about this move, and I think it is mistake. The catalog was always a fun read (and wish book!).
    I agree with others above that the catalog doesn't always just lead to phone also leads to online orders (at least it did for me).
    It's much easier to find interesting things in the catalog than online.
    I also agree that the quality and focus of the stores has gone downhill in the past 5 years...I rarely find anything.
    Maybe an online version of the catalog could be available for download (PDF file)?
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    It will last about 1 month before they start mailing things.

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    First we lose Disney Magazine, now this.

    I am not thrilled with their online site, either. The photos in the print catalog are much better because they show the items in their proper setting. The online photos are not very detailed as well as the fact it's hard to picture to dimensions of the item.

    My kids never go to to look for Disney items, they look at the catalog. This will definitely save us some $$!

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    Okay so I got a Disney "catalog" in the mail yesterday, but it was more like a preview of what you can see online. I don't understand why if they are willing to put something out like that...that they just don't go ahead and do the normal catalog. I wasn't impressed.

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    What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i am not happy about this either. i used to look forward to seeing the new covers, the new merch, what was on sale, etc.

    none of the disney websites are particularly intuitive or attractive to begin with. i used to really enjoy reading the catalog then going online to make a purchase. this stinks. 1st the disney magazine goes byebye now this. i hate bottom line cost cutting moves like this. takes a little of the magic away.

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