Hi! I just wanted to let you all know about our policies with regard to this forum in particular.

Unlike most other message boards and forums, please be aware that we do not prohibit links to buy, sell or trade Disneyana merchandise . (please keep it to Disney stuff only, thanks).

Whether it's some thing you want, have to sell, or something cool you saw on eBay, etc., you can feel free to post it here. I don't consider it "advertising", and even if it is, so what? I'm not out to try and make a fortune by charging people to put up links that I think will benefit the community. Of course, there are limits, and an abuse of this policy will be dealt with accordingly.

So, have fun, and please be aware that neither DisneyWorldTrivia.com or it's owners shall be held responsible and/or liable for any offers, agreements, posts, etc. made herein. Always be sure to use good judgment when buying and selling anything online! :pc: