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Disney Movies, Music, TV, Theater & Books Discuss POTC3 Spoilers in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Originally Posted by ERich2010 w/ removable tentacles? i wonder... Ah. Eunuch....
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    Quote Originally Posted by ERich2010 View Post
    w/ removable tentacles?

    i wonder...
    Ah. Eunuch.

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    Anyone see the news about these supposed 50 pages of the script that got leaked? I found it when I was doing research for this poster project (of which my topic was a Pirates 3 poster), but the link to these pages was changed, with a note that the person that leaked it got fired, & someone else got sued for reposting it. I didn't save the site, but I'm sure you could turn up something with google. Anyway, I do remember the synopsis saying something about Jack being tormented by crabs in Davy Jones' Locker, but Norrington at least starts out as the Flying Dutchman captain (obviously, what with the heart). I don't know what could've happened... Maybe they're just wrong themselves?

    Oh, and I've had a counter for quite some time ^^' They apparantly leaked the date even before 2 was out. May 25th!!!!!
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