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Disney Movies, Music, TV, Theater & Books Discuss POTC At World's End Trailer Premiere Swag and thoughts in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Ok, so I just got back from the Ultimate Fan event for POTC At World's End trailer world premiere...first here are some pics of the swag they were giving out: ...
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    POTC At World's End Trailer Premiere Swag and thoughts

    Ok, so I just got back from the Ultimate Fan event for POTC At World's End trailer world premiere...first here are some pics of the swag they were giving out:

    Below is a packet designed to promote the new POTC Online game

    Here are the contents of the folder, a cd with an pass for the beta test of the online game and a limited edition, numbered print:

    They gave out a bandana as well....which had nothing to do with POTC:

    Here is the lanyard and badge given to all to identify them as part of the event:

    And, as a bonus, my girlfriend won one of the drawings and we got a promotional, 2 LP (yes VINYL!!!) version of the Pirate Remixes from Dead Man's Chest:

    And they gave out a a replica of Jack Sparrows pistol, a talking 18" Jack Sparrow figure, and some of the smaller zizzle Pirates toys (the ones they carry in Target), none of which I have pics of.

    Then they played POTC Curse of the Black Pearl and the trailer for At World's End. No spoilers here folks, check it out for yourself Monday evening but my 2 cents are:

    It was good, not great, and VERY short to boot. I was expecting a bit more out of it...of course part of that is because it was hyped up as a 10 minute trailer, blah blah blah and really is was more of a 90 second trailer, which was literally played twice in a row. (Bruckerheimer came onscreen and said "Here it is again!")Some great scenes were shown, and I am excited about the movie...but this trailer is not going to convince any non-believers to see the film.

    Again good, but not the "WOW!" I was hoping for.....

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    wow thats pretty awesome!! very lucky person!! Though you say the trailer isnt too exciting Im still pumped. Congrats for getting all the cool stuff! EnjoY!
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    Wow. I can't wait for the film!!!

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    Wow, you are extremely lucky! I cannot WAIT for the game! Oh, and of course, the movie!
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    Sweet stuff dude. I was going to sign up for it but I saw we were only watching the trailer, then watch 1.

    I Want Pirates Online So Bad!

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    WOW the trailer looks so cool with jack and davy jones fight on the sail cant wait till May 25!!!!!!!!!
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    I saw the trailer tonight during "Dancing With The Stars" looks SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!! Pirates rocks!

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    Someone already has their swag that they received up on e-bay
    If they didn't want to go, I'd have surely fone in their place.

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