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Disney Movies, Music, TV, Theater & Books Discuss The Lion King - Trip Report in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; New York really is a wonderful town. My family just got back from a night in NYC to see The Lion King on Broadway. It was our first trip to ...
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    The Lion King - Trip Report

    New York really is a wonderful town.

    My family just got back from a night in NYC to see The Lion King on Broadway. It was our first trip to NY. I want to thank everyone on these forums again who helped us plan our trip.

    There are 3 of us - Me & my husband & our son (6).

    Sunday -

    We took the Amtrak to NY. It was confusing trying to figure out where to go once we got off the train at Penn Station. We just got lucky though and happened to head toward the 3,2,1 subway. A very nice lady helped us figure out what to do. "Look for the Uptown." We only needed to go one stop to Times Square. We could have walked but it was cold and at times snowing. So we took the subway and it worked out well for us.

    Once we exited the subway, it was another exercise in figuring out which way was north. Another lucky guess and we found our hotel, the Westin Times Square very quickly. The hotel was convenient and clean. The staff was also helpful. The hotel restaurant was a Shula's Steakhouse. Next trip I think we would like to try a different hotel.

    We took a cab ride to The Disney Store. We were disappointed in the store. There was some nice theming but very little special "NY" merchandise. Just the same stuff we get at Downtown Disney. Not worth a special trip when in NY in my opinion unless there is a special event.

    We then went to FAO Schwartz. That was very nice. The Soldiers (doormen) were a nice touch and saluted my son. He liked that. The selection of dolls was incredible. If I had a little girl I think I would have spent too much money. We didn't actually see anything my son wanted.

    We made reservations via before our trip at Cascina. A little Italian restaurant on Ninth between 45th and 46th street. The atmosphere, service and food were all excellent and we would like to go back again.

    The Lion King was a great show. The sets, costumes and choreography were outstanding. It was so beautiful. I can't even begin to do it justice. Just stunning. Even if all you could do is look, it is worth the price of a ticket. But you don't have to just look because there is also incredible music. My husband and I agreed that Rafiki's performance really stood out for us. Her voice and her acting were brilliant. The theatre was centrally located, clean and the seats were comfortable. They gave my son a comfy seat cushion and he could easily see the stage. We were toward the back of the orchestra in the center.

    At the end of the performance the cast asked all of us to take our seats. We were told that the cast does special fundraising this time of year. They asked us to give anything we could or wanted for special charities for AIDS and Cancer. I believe that some of the money was specially targeted for South Africa.

    As part of the fundraising they had special hand-beaded animals in the lobby that were made by women in South Africa specially for The Lion King. They were very beautiful and we bought a lizard for my son.

    They also offered a special backstage tour of the sets and costumes for up to 8 people for a donation of $300. What a deal! I would have loved to do it, but we couldn't.

    Monday -

    We had breakfast at Juniors. The restaurant is next to the Minskoff Theatre and was nice. The service was very slow but the atomsphere and food were good. The portions were huge. Next time we would get one omelet and one fruit dish and split it 3 ways.

    We went to Toys R Us. My son loved it there. The ferris wheel is great. But the T-Rex is awesome. We had fun here. Only found one thing to buy which is good. We needed some extra squids for my son's Bionicles.

    We then walked north to Central Park. It wasn't very far and we got to take in sights and feel of city on the way.

    My son played in the playground and on the rocks. It was unique and fun.

    We also went on the Merri-Go-Round. That was fun. It was too cold for us to do the carriage rides but they looked like fun.

    We then walked to the Natural History Museum. The line for tickets was too long for us to wait. We needed to get back to Penn Station to catch the train. The museum looked great and we will return someday.

    Caught a cab and got back to Penn Station. Stopped at the Macy's to find a bathroom and was told by employee that they had none. Did not believe that and found women's room on second floor.

    Grabbed a quick lunch at Au Bon Pain next door to Macy's and headed to train.

    Listened to old MouseTunes episodes on the long train ride home. Loved the post-Thanksgiving episode with Jonathan's piece on Jodi Benson.

    We all agreed that we want to return to NY when its warmer and spend some more time checking out the city. Maybe for Tarzan???


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    Sounds like you had a great time. If you think Penn Station is confusing, try finding your way out of Grand Central to get to a particular side of the block. We took Amtrak between Baltimore and NY City a couple of times. I think the train is more relaxing than flying if you can afford the time. However, if you factor in the time to get to airports and get through security, train travel isn't that much longer.
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