Camp Rock is the next Disney Tween Made for TV Movie featuring Demi Lovato, as Mitchie Torres, a singer-songwriter who only is able to attend Camp Rock after her mother is named the chef there. Mitchie is not as rich or well off as many of the other kids and thus to fit in, begins to tell lies about how famous her parents are.

Joe Jonas, playing the obnoxious lead singer Shane Gray of the group Connect Three, is sent to Camp Rock in hopes of straightening himself out and get back to the way he was a few years earlier.

The show plays perfectly into the Disney Tween featuring a nice girl doing whatever it takes to fit in a be popular, while blowing off her real friends. There is also the overbearing rich girl who thinks everything revolves around her. In the end Mitchie realizes that she needs to be who she really is and people will like and respect her more that way. She branches away from the overbearing popular crowd and stays true to her “real” friends.

Camp Rock achieves exactly what it set out to do, deliver a good positive message, intertwine it with young photogenic actors and mix in catchy songs. Judging by the four Tween girls at my house last night, Camp Rock delivered just what it had been hyped up to do.
Disney had marketed this TV Movie perfectly by showing clips from the show weeks in advance and also releasing the songs to the before the show aired. The four girls at my house all new the words to most of the songs and were singing (yelling/screaming) them from the downstairs.

Will this TV movie get positive reviews from critics, probably not. But I can attest that after watching the show and seeing the reaction of the girls, Disney has hit another Home run! I can’t wait for Camp Rock 2.