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Disney Movies, Music, TV, Theater & Books Discuss Disney's First Black Princess in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Loved this story... although it's funny... the whole "first American princess" cracked me up because well... the reason there's been no American Princesses is because we aren't a monarchy. But ...
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    Disney's First Black Princess

    Loved this story... although it's funny... the whole "first American princess" cracked me up because well... the reason there's been no American Princesses is because we aren't a monarchy. But still... good article.

    Meet Anika Noni Rose: Disney's First Animated Black Princess - Movie News :
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    Yep, I will just wait for the DVD.
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    The first I heard about Anika was after seeing a poster of her in the animation building at Studios.
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    wasnt pocahontas the first american princess?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ERich2010 View Post
    wasnt pocahontas the first american princess?
    Depending on who you talk to, she wasn't a "princess" in the European royalty sense. Yes, she was the daughter of the chief but that doesn't equate to the same thing. I've seen arguments on both sides of the debate regarding the subject and Disney's use of artistic license on a historical person.
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    I just want to say one thing and trust me Im not trying to be diparraging to any groups (this is jst my opinion) but I am upset about all of the censoring that is going on with the new movie because its the first black princess. Originally the character was going to be called one name and people thought it was offensively common for the first black princess. Then they were going to have her be a chamber maid but people thought that that make her look like a slave and that she shouldnt start off as a worker. I thought we were to the point that color was no longer an issue (Hello new Black President, GO Obama). Last that I checked the first disney princess, Snow White, was treated as a slave. Cinderella was treated as a slave. Its not trying to make some sort of political system, in fact to me it adds hopes and dreams and make the princesses more magical. The young girls watch these movies where seemingly common girls (just like them) end up becoming a princess in a full blown fairytale. My point is if disney stays true to itself (but not the new disney self, the old good disney movie self) and the censoring ends thn this could be a good move to see. GO HAND DRAWN ANIMATION!
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