I know some Disney fans poo-poo sequels, especially from Pixar, but if done right (and not direct to DVD) I'm all for them. And this is one rumor I hope turns out to be true!

I've culled the juiciest morsels from a story I read at /film.com:

"Despite what Brad Bird said on stage at WonderCon two years ago, Pixar is now in the sequel business. Cars 2, Toy Story 3, but what about a sequel to Monsters, Inc? At Comic-Con 2008, director Pete Docter responded to an audience question about the prospects of a sequel by admitting that Weve thought about it Weve got a couple ideas.

Now a site called Blue Sky Disney is reporting that Pete Docter will start working on the sequel after he finishes Up, with tentative plans for a 2013 release. . .everything Ive heard on and off the record thus far points in the direction that Disney wants another Monsters Inc movie, and they want it in 2013/2014."

Here's the full story.


Oh, and I heard this one is a prequel and Mike & Sully are going to be 23!!!

Just kidding.