Did anyone watch the premier of this DCOM Friday night? I watched it, after weeks and weeks of promos for it...I was hoping that it would live up to the anticipation. I must say, I did enjoy it and was shushhing my dd4 a few times so I could follow the plot. The songs were catchy and really well done by the cast! I am even going to download some onto my Ipod!!

Sometimes DCOMs dont do so good (sorry to the latest Zach and Cody one, didnt impress me too much) but this was one of the better ones I have seen in a while!!

Anyone else's thoughts? Opinions?

PS. My dd4 was confused...she loves to watch Good Luck Charlie and Zeke and Luther, and so when those 2 actors were the stars of LM, she was asking, mommy where's Charlier? where's the other boy? IT was kinda fun trying to explain to her about being an actor and playing different people. Not sure if she totally got it, but I think she did. She's pretty smart.