"Toy Story 3" back on track?

According to rumours coming out of New York's Wall Street, reports of the death of the relationship between "Finding Nemo" producers Pixar and their distributor Disney have been greatly exaggerated, which could mean good news for "Toy Story" fans.

Pixar and Disney's current distribution deal is nearing an end, and it is no secret that the award-winning CGI animators have been talking to other studios about setting up an alternative deal elsewhere. However it now seems that the two parties have kissed and made up, with news that Disney are set to continue releasing Pixar's movies after all. No details of any deal have been revealed, but we can only hope that the new arrangement will finally make it viable for both parties to get behind a third "Toy Story" movie. Pixar have previously been reluctant to work on the project because, thanks to their initial deal, any sequels they produce for Disney do not count towards the total number of movies they are obliged to deliver.