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Disney Movies, Music, TV, Theater & Books Discuss Mulan II Gripe (Spoiler) in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; (Just in case the title was too long and you couldn't read it all, there be spoilers ahead, matey.) Okay, so I saw the Mulan sequel not too long ago. ...
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    Mulan II Gripe (Spoiler)

    (Just in case the title was too long and you couldn't read it all, there be spoilers ahead, matey.)

    Okay, so I saw the Mulan sequel not too long ago. All in all, I didn't think it was half bad. One thing that bothered me, though, and I'm just wondering if anyone else picked up on this/could set me straight if I somehow missed something:

    The whole reason that Mulan, Chang and their boys were undertaking this mission from the Emperor was to marry off the princesses in order to unify the two kingdoms in order to build an alliance so strong the Huns wouldn't dare invade. True love took its course, and each of the royal daughters wound up falling for Yao, Ling and Chien-Po. Mulan was about to offer herself up as a sacrifice to the altar in order to let them have their happiness, but in the end, Mushu saved the day by bringing her and Chang back together and teaching all in attendance a valuable lesson of being true to your heart. Great, swell, I love happy endings, but hang on--what about the mission? What about the Huns? Mulan, sweetheart, I love you, but you guys blew it! Without any new bride for the prince of this other royal court, as much of a Dorklander as he may have been, the two kingdom's aren't gonna unify, and the invasion the Emperor warned about is going to happen after all.

    I guess we're just supposed to imagine that everything worked out okay somehow, but it seemed sort of like a cop-out, as if the writers said, "Alright, we're tired of thinking. YOU guys figure it out."

    Thoughts, comments? Or did I miss something somewhere?
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    Personally, I think it was kind of dumb for the company to make a sequel to a movie based on a legend that had no sequel.

    But I still love Disney, and their films
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    I think in the end they joined forces

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    Lol, I saw this movie a while ago too. I actually bought it because it was at my video store, previously viewed DVD, for 4 dollars. So, I had to get it.
    I thought it was cute and enjoyable, but disappointing like most sequels.
    Oh well, it's in the collection for my children one day.

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    I thought the exact same thing you did at the end... I was like "and then... what? they all lived happily ever after?" The other emperor guy was scared silly of the big golden dragon of unity and was frightened into unification with the other kingdom that didn't come through with it's own end of the bargain? Or maybe they just came to their senses and saw it was in their own best interest to unify and prevent invasion as well? I don't know. It was a pretty good (for a sequel), with the exception of that one little (or big) string they left hanging there untied. What I did really like about the movie though was how it was about preventing conflict, rather than being about conflict. There was only one combat scene in the entire movie, and even that wasn't necessary to the story. it was probably thrown in there just to spice things up for the little soldiers in the audience. I guess all we can say about that untied string is that we're supposed to assume they unified... somehow... for some reason.
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