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Disney Movies, Music, TV, Theater & Books Discuss Mary Poppins on Broadway in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Just some quick words about the show... -I LOVED IT! Even my mom who wasn't looking forward to it, LOVED IT! DH loved it too! So, my entire group really ...
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    Just some quick words about the show...

    -I LOVED IT! Even my mom who wasn't looking forward to it, LOVED IT! DH loved it too! So, my entire group really enjoyed the experience. I would see this again. If you enjoyed the movie, then I would recommend the show. Just be aware that the musical takes elements from both the film and the books.

    -If you are wanting tickets, try for Tues-Thurs as many Fri-Sun showings are sold out. I was looking for tickets for some dates, and I may wait to see it again sometime next year.

    -Pray your show doesn't have any technical diffculties. Ours did unfortunately. Something was wrong with Ashley Brown's harness, and she couldn't do one of her ascents. Granted...I did the show during previews... However, it did not take away from the show at all. The show did go on w/o missing a beat! It opens this Thursday Night!!!

    -Learn and/or review your Broadway theatre manners. I know people in general have been getting ruder, and I have noticed it on Broadway too. However, yesterday's behaviour was appalling. That had to be the worst Broadway audience I have sat through since I started seeing Broadway shows years ago!! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND BRINGS A 2-3 YEAR OLD TO A BROADWAY SHOW?!?!?! There used to be an age limit....what in the sam hill happened to it? And of course the problem children, had the problem you at least know where the kids got their behaviour. Yes, I know this is a Disney Broadway show...but I didn't notice this problem with Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King...of course that was years ago. YOU DO NOT TALK THROUGH A SHOW!!!!!!!!!![/RANT]

    -Ashley Brown was delightful as always. I loved her in On The Record, and she's pratically perfect Mary Poppins.

    -Gavin Lee was the original Bert in London, and was great.

    -Oh. My. God. The sets....the sets in this show are fabulous! I love what they did with the house.

    -"Step in Time" had to be my favorite song that was staged.

    -The Jane and Michael Banks had to the best children I have ever seen in a Broadway show. Not only could they sing, they could actually dance and act too! I find many child actors don't do all 3 equally well. Better than any Cosette, Eponine, Gavroche, Chip, Simba, Nala, Annie, etc. that I have experienced.

    -I asked about a Broadway Cast recording, and as of now they have not made that decision. So the only recording available is the original London Cast. Since there have been changes, I kinda wanted a OBC recording instead of an OLC one. Does anyone know what they changed with the show?
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    i would wnat the OBC just for Ashley's voice....did anyone see her on 20/20 on Friday night??? it was an awesome interview...she is "practiacally perfect in every way" So glad you enjoyed it...OPENING NIGHT THURSDAY!!!!!
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