We attended the Mickey Mouse Magic Show today! The show was really good and the kids loved it! Characters included what they called the Toon Town gang (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy), along with Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Alice, the Fairy Godmother, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Jaque & Gus Gus, along with a few more surprises. The only problems we had were we sat (second to last row). We only found out about this show a week ago so we were not expecting front row center! They did choose a couple of kids out of the audience to participate on stage. If you are sitting in the front sections and kids towards the aisles the kids in your life will have a better shot at being choosen. The tricks are basic magic tricks but we all know we are not necessarily there for an over the top bunch of tricks, we are there because of our love of Disney! If you would like to see if this show is in your area go to: http://disney.go.com/disneylive/

Our problems were the theater itself. Although it was clearly stated, posted, and written the theater ticket takers didn't stop everyone with camera's. My sister had to take hers back to the car but people all around us were taking pictures. It wasn't the fact that we didn't get to, it was that the constant clicking and flashes were distracting. Also they allowed A LOT of people to come in late so we constantly had people walking in and out of the doors. Although once again the signs clearly stated no one would be allowed to come in once the show started. Third situation was actually a Disney fault in that they sold cotton candy with a cheap felt sorcerers hat (you can purchase a good one at WDW for about $2.00 more). The problem came when, understandably, people who purchased them, wore them. This created an obstacle in seeing the stage through the hats. The final thing was the rude ticket takers at the front. The theater is poorly designed in that the ticket and will call booths are right in front of the doors. the lady taking the tickets kept treating those of us waiting for our tickets poorly. I finally looked at the CM selling programs and stated out loud "I guess the staff at the theater hasn't had the Disney training and doesn't have the attitude or the love in our hearts for Disney that the rest of us have." the CM smiled and said I guess not and the rude ticket taker did not say another word.

So take the kids and ENJOY this Magical Disney show.