After speaking with Lou and seeing the success of Minnie’s travels & Vixen’s swaps, scrapbooking swaps will now be allowed on DWT. I ask that you please follow the below format for swaps. I have done a lot of research on how to run them and the way I ask you to do them works the best in terms of dealing with flakers, personal information and shipping costs. I will be posting a swap in the next few days, so you can all get a feel for how they are going to work if you have never participated in one.

How the swaps will run
  1. A swap theme will be posted with a sign-up deadline and a maximum number of participants. This maximum number of participants is for you to get an idea of what will be expected of you.
  2. Members sign up by the deadline
  3. Once the signup deadline has past, you send the swap host the theme item times the number of people participating (minus yourself) by the swap shipping deadline.
  4. Mail your swap items plus a self-addressed envelope and the same amount of postage that it cost you to send it with an additional 3 or 4 extra stamps for mailing the items back to you. Please do not put the postage on the package, just enclose it inside. Any unused postage will be returned to you.
  5. Post to the swap thread that you have mailed out your items.
  6. The swap host will receive all the packages, sort them out and return them.
  7. You receive a package full of goodies. Come back here and tell us what you got it!

Some swap examples

Disney Birthday card swap
Description: Make a birthday card featuring a Disney Character.
Sign-up deadline: 1 week from thread post
Mailing Deadline: 2 weeks from signup date
Maximum participants: 20

So for this swap, if the maximum number of swappers signed up, you would make 19 birthday cards, they can be all the same or all different, and mail them to the host. They will then send you 19 cards back…one from each of the other swappers

Autograph Album Swap
Description: Sign up for a character and create a 6x6 layout that can be used for an autograph book!
Sign-up deadline: 1 week from thread post
Mailing Deadline: 3 weeks from signup date
Maximum participants: 10

Pick the character you want to do!
Stitch: Janet
Mickey: April
Goofy: Melissa
Minnie: T-nina

For this one you would make 10 pages for your character. They can be all the same or all different! Mail 9 of them to the host (keep one for yourself!), and the host will send you back a page for each of the other characters. Then you can assemble the book however you like (bind it, put it in an album, tie with ribbon).

Other swap ideas
  • Embellishments – pick one type of embellishment or do a mixed bag. Can be done by dollar amount, weight, color, etc.
  • ABC Album – swappers pick a letter (or two or three) and make a page/card/etc for that letter
  • Die Cuts – pick a character, title, etc from the list and make an embellishment based on it with your Cricut, by hand, die cutter etc.
  • Holiday Cards – make cards (or gift tags) based on the theme
  • Tags – make tags based on a theme, character, color, etc

  1. Please keep all post about a swap to one thread, swap host will update the original post as the swap progresses.
  2. No members under 18 are allowed to participate
  3. All participants must be a registered member of DWT and be at least a D-Ticket Holder (200 Posts).
  4. If a member signs up and flakes, they will not be allowed to participate in future swaps.
  5. Please include the word SWAP in your thread title.
  6. When signing up for a swap please account for deadlines and cost before agreeing to participate. Multiple swaps can be running at the same time, so please also take into account the number of swaps you are participating in at the same time.
  7. If a swap does not fill to the max, the host can cancel if they choose to.

Special Note:, Lou Mongello and staff are not responsible for these swaps. If you have any issue/concerns about a swap, please speak with the host directly.

If you have any questions, let me know. If you want to host a swap but are not sure what or how you want to do it, PM or email me and I’ll be happy to help you set it up.