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Disney Scrapbooking Discuss Beginning the daunting task of a WDW album - suggestions for "vintage" photos? in the Disneyana forums; Ok, so I've made up my mind to make a WDW Scrapbook. When I began SBing 5 years ago I went at it the chronological way. I dutifully made pages ...
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    Question Beginning the daunting task of a WDW album - suggestions for "vintage" photos?

    Ok, so I've made up my mind to make a WDW Scrapbook. When I began SBing 5 years ago I went at it the chronological way. I dutifully made pages for our first "grown up" trip to WDW in 2003 for my 30th Birthday. We have been back each year since with tons of photos to prove it - but no SB pages yet. Since that trip, I've been on a cruise in 2004 (SB is 3/4 done) and had a baby (1st Year/Baby SB is 1/2 done). I think I've managed to get one or two general pages done for my "chronological" album. So much for that.

    After my recent trip to WDW in July with 300 + pictures covering our two day mini-vaca, I'm once again motivated to SB with my Disney pics. I've decided to do a single album for all of our Disney trips - seeing how we seem to make it back each year now.

    I know I can pull the pages I've already completed out - but I'd also like to incorporate pages from each of our childhood trips; DH's trip to Epcot in 84, and mine in to MK in 79 and MK & EPCOT in 87.

    So - to the question - Any suggestions for using those 5 images per trip on 1-2 page 12x12 layouts that will blend and flow with todays digital shutter happy over abundance of photos? The "vintage" photos are primarily your classic family in front of the Mickey flower bed outside the gates shot and a few shots of EPCOT. Not alot to work with compared to what we capture in the digital media today.

    Laura J.
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    One way to incorporate old pics is to do a then and now type layout. If you have pics at SSE in the 80s, put it next to a current pic at the same spot with the same people or as many the same as possible, or write something like "look at daddy all grown up". Makes for a neat effect.
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    My Disney SB is almost exclusively made up of recent photos from trips taken with my now 2-year old son. That said however, the front page of it is made up of 3 photos taken in 1982 from my first trip. I scanned the photos in and gave them a little sprucing up in Photoshop and then used them just as I do on any other LO.

    I think, at least from my perspective, the SB shouldn't really "flow". I prefer mine to not in fact. But regardless, the page with the "vintage" shots doesn't stand out as being different than the rest.

    I'd post a picture of the page I'm talking about but it's out on Photobucket and I can't get there from here.
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    I agree, they don't have to be in order... just consider it all of your "Disney Memories". You could date the photos on the page, to remember when they were taken. However, I wouldn't force yourself to do them chronologically.

    Just my thoughts!

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