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Disney Scrapbooking Discuss A Scrapbooker's Guide toWalt Disney World in the Disneyana forums; Sharla Whalen is an author of the upcoming book, A Scrapbooker's Guide to Walt Disney World, is part travel guide, part Disney photography handbook, part scrapbooking compendium. Her online "Disney ...
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    A Scrapbooker's Guide toWalt Disney World

    Sharla Whalen is an author of the upcoming book, A Scrapbooker's Guide to Walt Disney World, is part travel guide, part Disney photography handbook, part scrapbooking compendium. Her online "Disney Photo Quest" provides a list of Disney World photos being sought for her book.

    Here is a list of photos she is looking for:

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Some Photos We'd Love to Receive
    (The photos marked with an asterisk * indicate a requirement of near-Herculean effort to achieve and may be subject to reward if included in A Scrapbooker's Guide to Walt Disney World!)
    Descriptions of photos which are shown with a strike through have been successfully acquired. Many thanks to all photographers!

    Smiling (or otherwise engaging) faces in the Magic Kingdom

    One or more children, adults, or seniors:
    -On the curving steps of the train station
    -Getting a haircut at the barber shop-
    -Visiting Goofy's Pose-A-Matic on Main Street USA
    -A tike on his daddy's shoulders (sideview needed)
    -*A tall gent with a mustache standing congenially with the Casey statue on Main Street USA. The subject should adopt Casey's semi-regal stance. (This one is a tall order! If you grow a mustache to get us this photo, and we are able to use it in the book(!), we'll buy you lunch at Casey's Corner.)
    -Buying popcorn from the cart at the hub
    -Struggling to pull the sword from the stone
    -On the Jungle Cruise (don't forget fill-in flash)
    -Getting splashed on the bridge overlooking Splash Mountain
    -*On Big Thunder Mountain -- and you'll need five people to get this shot! The photographer should be in the third set of seats behind two pairs of friends on Big Thunder. On the way up the ascent (outside), have all four friends/family members look back at you and smile. The two in the first seat should lean in a little towards the center so they won't be blocked by the two in the second seat! Lots of planning to get this one. It will earn Mickey Ice Cream Bars for all five of you if we use the photo in the book!
    -On the Peoplemover (TTA)

    Smiling (or otherwise engaging) faces at Epcot
    -Reacting to one of those talking water fountains!
    -Crash dummies reaction shot outside Test Track
    -A "Beverly" reaction shot at Ice Station Cool
    -Trying on sombreros at Mexico
    -Stave church doorway shot
    -A parasols shot at China
    -Opening the coolers at the Outpost
    -Enjoying a kaki gori (snow cone!) at Japan (*wear your Japanese kimono and we'll pay for the kaki gori)
    -Munching a beavertail at Canada
    -Smiling (or otherwise engaging) faces at Disney-MGM Studios
    -Giving the rope a pull outside the Indiana Jones show
    -Opening the crates at the Studio Catering Company
    -In a car at the Sci-Fi Dine-In
    -A head-and-shoulders shot standing up on the bench with the giant guitar in the background at Rock-n-Roller (you'll have to be tall to get this)
    -*A shot with the Singin' in the Rain umbrella -- we need a young man. He doesn't have to have Gene Kelly's suit and fedora, but long sleeves and pants are better than t-shirt and shorts. He should have his right foot up on the lamp post, left leg hanging free. Improvise arms, but one has to be on the umbrella handle! Make sure his head is *under* the umbrella! A little Irish charm wouldn't hurt. If we use your umbrella photo in the book, we'll buy you and Gene an ice cream at Gertie's.
    -*A row of children sitting on a bench enjoying Mickey Mouse ice cream bars. If they're wearing matching outfits and we use the photo in the book, we'll pay for Mickey Mouse ice creams on their next trip to Disney.
    -A group waiting for Fantasmic to begin

    Smiling (or otherwise engaging) faces at the Animal Kingdom
    -A row of friends wearing 3-D glasses in seats at Tough to Be a Bug (before show starts!)
    -A group on Kilimanjaro Safaris with a giraffe in the near background
    -Enjoying a frozen lemonade in Africa
    -A good Kali shot
    -Playing the xylobone at the Boneyard

    Smiling (or even sleeping!) faces on Disney Transportation
    -A group riding in the front car of the monorail, taken (safely!)from the platform, ahead of the car. Wide angle lens preferred.
    -On a Seven Seas Lagoon resort launch
    -On a parking lot tram
    -On a Disney Transportation bus
    -On a Bay Lake boat
    -On a water mouse

    Also, Photos of grandparents and grandchildren together are particularly needed, as are "then and now" shots (taken of the same person(s) in the same spot, years apart). Do you have a photo showing members of four generations of a family together at Disney World? Send it!

    Be sure to use your fill-in flash whenever there are shadows on the faces or the background is brighter than your subject. And remember, no flash photography on the "dark" rides!

    Keep in mind that we are sorting through literally thousands of photos. We wish we could use them all! We'll be constrained by space and cost. Don't attempt to snap any of the above pictures unless you're doing it for the pure fun -- since there is no guarantee that we will be able to print the resulting photos. But we would sure love to see them!
    Disney fans who would like to contribute a family photograph for inclusion in the project can visit for more details.

    Lou, you should submit your "Lou's Spot" photos for the then and now!

    For all Scrappers going to Allentown, Sharla will be there!

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    All of "The Spot" pics or just Lou's?
    I think it would be neat to see all of them as a contribution.
    Though, yeah Lou's would be awesome... he's even got the Little Princess in the spot. so cute!
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    I'll have to look and see what I have... I have too many, but that would be great to have a picture actually published in a book. I will need to buy it, too

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