dvc is not for everyone.

if you go to WDW every year or every other year.

if you only stay in moderate or deluxe resorts onsite at WDW.

if you know you are going to WDW for the next 5 years.

then you should consider buying DVC.

I love it for different reasons. I like to go for three or four days at times. sometimes when staying offsite I will go for one day - not a problem.... other timeshares charge extra for this - DVC does not. Of course most other timeshares will made you give up your entire week no matter how long you stay. Disney does not.

I really love their point system.

Now I do enjoy studios. I am single person - so I go solo or have one other person along. when I have 3 or more I go with either 2 studios or a 2-bedroom. so I don't feel crowded.... Okw is perfect for me - 2 beds - so no one has to sleep on the sofa.

I can swim while I go the laundry.

anyway love it!!!

use to calculate if it is a good buy for you.

remember to use the real cost of a WDW resort....

i still can't believe it myself - on our first trip to WDW in 72 the Polyn was $39 a night - now the same room - same time is $435 at night.....

so don't be using a value resort in value time.

use the time and resort that you would stay at.


it worked out great for me.

oh I won't use DVC except for WDW onsite. there are cheaper (greatly cheaper) timeshares out there for under $2,000 to use to exchange to other places.. well okay the other DVC resorts at HH and VB are okay too...