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Disney Vacation Club Discuss Okw in the Vacation Planning forums; Yes, you can pool hop to Caribbean Beach. The only pools that are off limits are Stormalong Bay (Yacht & Beach Club) and Uzima pool at AKL. Our kids usually ...
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    Yes, you can pool hop to Caribbean Beach. The only pools that are off limits are Stormalong Bay (Yacht & Beach Club) and Uzima pool at AKL. Our kids usually like to hop to the pool at the Polynesian or Boardwalk. We usually phone ahead and make sure the pools are not at capacity before we drive over to the resorts.

    You will find a big difference in the rooms at OKW as compared to Saratoga Springs. While others have mentioned they are larger, you will realize how much larger they are as soon as you enter the room. In the studio, besides having two beds instead of one & a pull-out couch, the bathroom is much larger. In the one bedroom, the refrigerator is larger; the jacuzzi is a two person rather than one; the washer and dryer are full size instead of space saver; the one bedrooms have a porch with a table/chairs and plenty of room and the bathrooms are much larger. The decor may not be as new/nice, but we'll take the extra space over that any day.

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    Sending this to myself. Can't get to my e-mail program.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmntrans View Post
    I have a reservation for 1/5/09 thru 1/09/09 and was wondering whats a good place to stay there in a Studio?? Is it like Saratoga and has different buildings?? Which one is the best far as bus stop and food court as well as pool?? Are the rooms comparable to Saratoga?? Our room was extremely quiet and was a little of a hike to the pool. Not necessary to be near the pool, just like to have a little quiet and near a bus stop. How many stops is there on the bus route??
    I am suprised that nobody replied to this thread, with so many DVC members out there. I believe there are around 5 Stops for the buses in OKW resort. Have fun next month on Your trip. This resort is fantastic!
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    Trip #4 (Sept 16-21-07) OKW. 1 & 2 Bdrm.
    Trip #5 (Nov 29-Dec 3-07) AKL.
    Trip #6 (Jan 26-Feb 2-08) AKL. Studio.
    Trip #7 (April 12-18-08) SSR. 1 Bdrm.
    Trip #8 (May 23-27-08) SSR. Studio.
    Trip # 9(May 27-30-08) OKW. Studio.
    Trip # 10(Sept 10-17-08) BWV. Studio
    Trip # 11 (Nov 15-21-08) VWL. 2 Bdrm.
    Trip # 12 (Dec 19-21-08) SSR. Studio.
    Trip # 13(Feb 1-6-09) SSR. 2 Bdrm.
    Trip # 14(Feb 27-Mar 1-09) AKV Studio
    Trip # 15(Apr 30-May 8-09) ASR Movies-1 nite, PO Riverside- 4 nites, SSR Studio 3 nites
    Trip # 16(July 6th-10th-09)Pop Century
    Trip # 17(Sept 18th-24th-2009)Pop Century
    Trip #18(Oct 10th-16th 2009) ASR Music-1 nite, SSR Treehouses 5 nites
    Trip #19(Jan 20th-26th 2010) OKW-4 nites, Bch Club Studio Villa 2 nites
    Trip #20(Apr 23rd-26th 2010) Caribbean Beach Resort
    Trip #21(June 18th-25th 2010) POR 2 nites, SSR 2bdrm Villa 5 Nites.

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