I am aware that the refilable mugs are now universal and not resort specific and am very bummed about this . I have stayed at most of the Disney Resorts/Vaction Clubs and always bought one as a souveneir of the resort in the past 9 years. I now have 12 resort specific mugs.
DOES ANYONE HAVE PICTURES/Discriptions OF THE RESORT SPECIFIC REFILLABLE MUGS FROM THE FOLLOWING RESORTS: BOARDWALK, SARATOGA SPRINGS, OLD KEY WEST, FORT WILDRENESS? I have heard many people say that Old Key West and Saratoga Springs, since they are just Vacation Club just had a generic Vaction Club Mug? Is that True? I did not get these mugs because I lost them or figured i could get them next time I stayed . I have bought a couple on EBAY to fill by Disney resort mug collection obsession and I have looked everywhere online and can't find pictures of those four resort mugs. I figured if I knew what they looked like I could keep an eye out for them. I would appreciate any pictures or descriptions of these four mugs. Thanks