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Disney Vacation Club Discuss New DVC Points Chart for 2010 in the Vacation Planning forums; Has anyone else taken a look at the new points chart for 2010? Looks like they are completely rearranging the points charts ...In many instances, they lowered the points needed ...
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    New DVC Points Chart for 2010

    Has anyone else taken a look at the new points chart for 2010? Looks like they are completely rearranging the points charts ...In many instances, they lowered the points needed for Fri & Sat and increased the points needed for Sun through Thurs. I also noticed they lowered the points needed in some of the catagories for taking a Disney Cruise. I think I see a cruise in the future.

    any thoughts?
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    All point-based timeshares have an obligation to keep demand/supply in balance as much as possible. Apparently, too many people were booking Sun-Thur and not enough people were booking Fri-Sat, creating an imbalance. Point-based timeshares are designed to be at nearly 100% capacity every day.

    DVCMC has reallocated the points chart to correct this imbalance.
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    Relax Mike , I understand that points needed to be reallocated because of the influx of people staying on Friday and Saturday nights. I almost mentioned that in my first post...but I wanted to know what everyone else thought. I wasn't trying to sound like I was whining or complaining. Personally, I found it refreshing that in many catagories the total points needed to stay for a week actually went down. I was just curious how this was affecting other family's vacations? Will the number of days change? Will the arriving day change? Will the time of year change. You know, I was just looking for a little chatter...not an arguement. Personally, I can go back to arriving on Saturday now, so I like the tinkering they did!
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    I haven't had the chance to look at the 2010 point charts yet. I will have to look into it and see about those cruise's been awhile since we sailed with Disney. DH hasn't stopped talking about our DCL vacation we took in 2003. He'd loved to sail again, so would I...especially if we could off set the cost with our DVC membership. And yes, I know using DVC points for DCL isn't the most economical.

    That's interesting regarding weekends/weekdays. I have always heard some members tried to save points by not booking Friday and Saturday night, but we have never done that. I never saw the "point" I guess. It's vacation! We budgeted our points to make certain we can stay the entire time at one resort, typically our home resort of the BoardWalk regardless of the day of week. We typically book 6-9 night trips not in the most expensive point seasons. So, I'm always looking at the weekly point cost and maybe 1 or 2 additional nights.
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    I do know that a lot of people are upset, because this can alter their plans...I think it stinks that way that it was communicated to us..No warning that is was going to happen....I know they have every right to do it...But now I will most likely be in a constant state of borrowing when I use my small 75 point AKLV contract....For example, in March a Savannah view studio was exactly 75 points, now if I wanted to do it 2010 and beyond, I would have to borrow 10 points...crazy..
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    That may be one of the reasons why they've upped the minimum purchase for add-ons to 100 points.
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    As far as I know, the 100 point minimum for an add-on only applied to BLT, and perhaps GCV.

    I know a LOT of people are up in arms over the points reallocation because they purchased points based on planning. I'm glad I purchased based on what I felt I could afford instead and plan around it.

    A lot of people also felt they were misled about how DVC could reallocate points, saying it would only be done in small increments (according to what they were told), or that it could change at all. But all documentation basically said that the points could be reallocated any way DVC saw fit to do so - the only thing they couldn't do is change the number of points for the resort for the year (other than bringing in more units - which is happening at SSR with the treehouses, but the additional points being added to the resort are based on the classification of the rooms, etc.)

    For 7 day stays, the changes are generally a point or two. But those that planned around weekend-only stays are hurt the most since those days went up.

    Of course, this is done for "member interest" as they say...but given how people talk about avoiding weekend stays on points, I'm sure its simply because occupancy on Friday/Saturday is much lower.

    I confess that in our upcoming trip we are splitting our stay with a couple days at POR, but it is for a Sat/Sun night, to save points for our next trip...

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    Here is an interesting thread on another board
    Disney Vacation Club adjusts 2010 Vacation Points charts - The DIS Discussion Forums -

    I guess the sponsor of this section of the boards will be getting some of my business. The same exact trip booked in 2009 would be almost 30 points more booked in 2010.

    I would send any emails of disatifaction to
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    This reallocation is all apart of the rules, the only part I don't like about it is the timing. Had I just bought a contract at BLT before the 100 min. increase, I'd be a little ticked. Otherwise we will probably have to cut out a day or two because we own a small contract.

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    Re: New DVC Points Chart for 2010

    yes just saw the new chart

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