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Disney Vacation Club Discuss Dvc party Boston 6/21 in the Vacation Planning forums; Just want to say I was at the Dvc party last night and it was amazing. I was there with my soon to be wife and my 6yr old daughter ...
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    Dvc party Boston 6/21

    Just want to say I was at the Dvc party last night and it was amazing. I was there with my soon to be wife and my 6yr old daughter (who has not been to disney yet) Oct will be her 1st trip. Well After the presentation which was alot of fun there was a dance party with mickey minnie,, Pictures with cinderella an the fairy god mother, and aladdin an the genie. My daughter loves cinderella to no end. She ran right up to her an hugged her. My daughter was in awe.. ( i was almost in tears) Cinderella was so nice she told my daughter that she could stay an talk as long as she wanted to, so she sat there talked with her for almost 45 min. (there was only like 30 people at this event.) So we got to take pictures an dance... But what made it really special was as the party was ending the characters left. My daughter was so upset that cinderella had to leave. So we were packing up and this gentleman form the dvc comes up and asks us to wait a min... so we wait for the rest of the people clear out. Then he comes back with this beautiful huge autograph from cinderella to my daughter.. you would have thought he gave her the keys to the castle. This is why I love disney so much that I am a proud dvc member an D23 member because of the things they do like this.
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    Re: Dvc party Boston 6/21

    Wow! Sounds like such a great experience for your daughter. Really wanted to go but we had plans all weekend....not a DVC member (yet!)...still hoping. Thanks for posting....was wondering how it was. Wish I could have gone! Hope they have it again.

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    Re: Dvc party Boston 6/21

    Glad you liked the presentation. I actually worked the event for DVC. It was alot of fun!

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