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Disney Vacation Club Discuss DVC question??????? in the Vacation Planning forums; Over the past couple of days my family has been in a huge debate on whether or not to buy into the DVC. After we did some research we came ...
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    DVC question???????

    Over the past couple of days my family has been in a huge debate on whether or not to buy into the DVC. After we did some research we came to the conclusion that with all of the fees, etc. it would end up costing us $80,000 over 50 years!!!!!!! We cant seem to figure out how this is worth it, but i was hoping that you guys (current DVC members) could help us figure out if it is really worth the $80,000 investment.
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    Re: DVC question???????

    I don't have the exact numbers, but if I remember some of the calculations and accounting for inflation and maintenance fee increases, if you were to stay in a moderate studio for a week each year, the breakeven point was about 15 years.

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    Re: DVC question???????

    I don't recall the numbers either, but we like staying at the deluxe resorts and feel that our membership has more than paid for itself. Also it offers us the opportunity to get out of the office more often. We go to WDW at least three times during the year and without the DVC membership we would only go every few years like we did prior to the membership.

    Also, you find your own ways to make the most of your membership. It's not just FL or CA, but you can go to various cities and countries with Adventures by Disney. The membership is well worth it.

    Good luck.
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    Re: DVC question???????

    The membership is incredibly flexible on when, where, how long you vacation, as well as, pretty affordable depending on how much you buy in. It helps edge inflation and you break even after 3-4 trips depending on how you vacation. There are a number of member perks and my husband and I love it. We definitely would recommend it.

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    Re: DVC question???????

    Whether or not it is worth buying into DVC is a tough question. There are a lot of things which should play into your decision. For instance, if when you travel to WDW you are comfortable staying off property or at a value hotel then more than likely you will never see the payoff. When my wife and I were trying to decided we realized as much as we like to travel to other states/countries this won't really be possible, and still enjoy ourselves, with young children (our son is two). So we looked at WDW as a guaranteed vacation which would allow us to stay in deluxe accommodations at least once a year. Since we live in Georgia, we now realize we want to go at least twice a year and are looking at increasing our ownership and investing in an Annual pass. Once our kids get older we plan on using our points to trade out to RCI for other non-Disney locations (Oh the horror ) as well as the Cruises and Disney Adventures.

    At the end of the day you have to base this decision on you and your families travel habits. DVC is not for everyone. Good luck in with your decision.

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    Re: DVC question???????

    My parents are DVC members, and I tell them everytime we go that it was the best thing they ever bought!!! They bought it with the money that my grandfather left my dad when he passed away, and my mom had promised him that they would use it to travel, since my grandfather LIVED for his next vacation. However, i dont think he expected them to basically be guarenteed a vacation for the next 40 years or so! Its great to know that we will always have somewhere to go on vacation, and that doesnt just include WDW, but hundreds of other places around the world! It really is the best thing they ever did!
    But, it really does depend on your family's traveling habits. If you dont plan on going on vacation at least once a year, then idk whether its truly justifiable. But if you do, trust me, it is well worth the investment!
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    Re: DVC question???????

    I bought into DVC as soon as I got my first full time job and it was the best investment ever! We used to go to Disney once every few years. Now we go on average, 2-5 weeks a year! Even though I love all the resorts, I of course would rather stay at a deluxe. With DVC we can stay at some of the nicest resorts without the high prices. Plus having the kitchenette or kitchen saves money on food and even if you're in a studio, laundry is free. DVC members get a lot of discounts, but the best one is the $100off annual passes. I totally think it's worth it

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