New option offers alternative to borrowing vacation points

Disney Vacation Club
® has created a convenient new solution for Members who find themselves in need of additional vacation points to book a reservation.

This new option, designed as an alternative to borrowing from next year's allotment, allows Members the option of paying for a one-time assignment of as many as 24 vacation points from Disney Vacation Development, Inc., for $15 a vacation point ($13.33 plus $1.67 tax) to complete their reservation. (A receipt is available upon request.)

Members may use these vacation points to book Disney Vacation Club Resorts, Disney Collection Resorts, Disney Cruise Line® voyages, Adventures by Disney experiences and World Passport Collection resorts.

Note that this option is available once each use year, and the transferred vacation points are assigned only for the specific use year and therefore expire when used.

  • One-time-use vacation points are vacation points available for Disney Vacation Club Members to use as an alternative to borrowing vacation points from the following use year's allotment.
  • You can obtain a maximum of 24 one-time-use vacation points once per use year per membership.
  • A maximum of 24 one-time-use vacation points are processed in a single transaction, not multiple transactions.
  • The fee for one-time-use vacation points is $15 (including tax) per vacation point, and is subject to change.
  • One-time-use vacation points expire according to the use year of the reservation booked and are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be banked or borrowed.
  • One-time-use vacation points are not available for waitlist reservations.
  • One-time-use vacation points cannot be applied retroactively to existing reservations.
  • One-time-use vacation points are only available for Members whose contract is closed and in good standing.
  • One-time-use vacation points are available only for Disney Vacation Club, Disney Collection, Adventurer Collection and World Passport Collection reservations.
  • One-time-use vacation points used for Disney Vacation Club resort reservations can only be used up to 7 months prior to arrival.
  • One-time-use vacation points for Disney Collection, Adventurer Collection and World Passport reservations can be used according to the booking guidelines for each individual collection.