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Disney Vacation Club Discuss Disney DVC in the Vacation Planning forums; since this is "the best kept secret of all" i thought it would fit in this forum section. i am 16 and i love disney world and go every year.... ...
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    Disney DVC

    since this is "the best kept secret of all" i thought it would fit in this forum section. i am 16 and i love disney world and go every year.... i want to work there after im done w/ skool or even during college. so that is why i want to know weather or not the DVC club is worth it... i need to show this to my parents so that they will join... again i go every year for spring break, and id like to stay at other resorts besides the French Quarter (its very nice however, just id like a change)...give me sum feedback and it would be great!!!
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    we own in the vacation club, and when you think about it, after a while, the points pay for themselves. You really just have to do the math of how many points, times the amount that you are charged per point, then, divide by the cost you usually pay for your disney room. then, that will give you how many vacations it will take to pay it off. Of course, there are still the dues you have to pay every year, but you will have to investigate that. Do keep in mind that you get discounts for being a DVC member as well, like a sweet deal on the annual passes. Hope that helped.
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    We joined the DVC in April 2004. We tend to go at least once a year but usually twice. After about for or five visits the DVC pays for itself. In retrospect we should have joined well before we did. The key is how often you go. If you go every year or even every other year, it's certainly worth it.

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    We joined in January of 2005 and have used it three times already.

    If you want to find out whether it is good for your family, you can check out
    our DVC forums here at DWT.

    I will move your question there now.

    Good Luck!
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    it is more than worth is for my wife and i as we joined in 1/2005 and have used the dvc in 8/05, 10/05, 6/06, and 7/06. it is working out great for us. if you plan on going often, it will benefit you, but if you dont plan on going often it may not benefit you.

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