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Disneyland and Other Disney Parks Discuss 1st Disneyland trip during Gay Days?? Help! in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; My family and I are thinking of taking our first tip to Disneyland Oct 2nd though the 8th. In doing my research I just found out that that's the weekend ...
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    1st Disneyland trip during Gay Days?? Help!

    My family and I are thinking of taking our first tip to Disneyland Oct 2nd though the 8th. In doing my research I just found out that that's the weekend for the next Gay Days event. Has anyone ever been during this event? Are the parks too crowded? I was thinking that early October would have light crowds but now I'm concerned with it being too crowded. I can't really change the dates as that's when my son has Fall Break from school. Any advice would be helpfull. We're WDW vets but have never been to Disneyland. I'm doing a lot of research but can't find much info on what a family should expect during this event.
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    I have never been to DL during Gay days but I have been to WDW during them and the parks weren't that crowded.

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    Yep, my experience with Gay Days is the same as flutter's has been in WDW. I didn't find it all that extra crowded. I even went to the MK on their designated Saturday...I didn't find it any different from any other Saturday in the MK that time of year.

    Sorry, cannot help you with DL Gay Days crowds. I have been to DL during the 4th of July. It was crowded then, but very manageable.
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    Gay Pride Days

    my family went once during gay pride week my mother in law is overly religeouse so she was horrified nothing major an occasssional kiss or holding hands was all i saw. but if your homophobic its a little odd and kids might say things like why are two guys kissing etc... OH' ONE MORE THING DONT WEAR RED !!!!! ITS THEIR COLOR OF CHOICE TO DISTINGUISH THEMSELVES!!!!! i made the mistake of wearing a red shirt. once i got there i immediately bought a different shirt LOL !!!!

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    Like Bella & Flutter I only went to WDW during Gay Pride Weekend.. It wasn't that crowded and you hardly noticed the gay couples because of all the families. I don't find it much of a big deal - at least at Disney World.

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    I go to Gay Days WDW every year. There never seems to be a problem. The park seems to be a very happy place that day. I have heard that cast members love Gay Days. I can only gave you advice from my time at WDW during Gay Days but I think it will be organized somewhat the same.

    Looking in at the schedule, I would say that up until October 4 it will not be an issue. The first event happens on Friday and it is an adult 21 and up party probably at somewhere around the area. Saturday October 5 is Gay Day at Disneyland. If you think you might be uncomfortalble that day at the park, I would advise you to go to California Adventure. Sunday October 6 is Gay Day at California Adventure. Here again if you are uncomfortable then you could go to Disneyland on Sunday. There will be a little bit of gay people bleeding over to each of the parks on each of the days but Gay Days is usually a come out and show numbers day so I bet a majorty will stay in the desinated park on the desinated day. And DO NOT WEAR RED on Firday, Saturday or Sunday. Red is the color that was choosen to be counted as gay. So here is a recap:

    Saturday: Gay Day at Disneyland (maybe go to California Adventure or drive to Los Angeles and go to Universal Studios.)

    Sunday: Gay Day at California Adventure (maybe go to Disneyland but it could have gay bleed over...I expect not alot of people will stay ofr gay day at this park any way)

    DO NOT WEAR RED on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday

    I hope this helps. I also posted a thread for everyone on Gay Days WDW. I am becoming the expert here on the subject. As a gay man I enjoy Gay Days but I want everyone to feel comfortable any time they go to Disney. With that being said, so I want to get the correct information out there!

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    I have only been to one Gay Day as a child and I don't know if it was on purpose or not, lol, but I went to one at WDW.

    If I could give any advice, it would be to book your hotel sooner than later. That's about it
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    I have been to DL during Gay Day with my family and had no problem. Very nice people all in all.
    Late September and early October seem to be the lightest as far as crowding is concerned. It should be no problem.

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    Gay Day weekend usually occurs with people going to DL on saturday and CA on Sunday.... I have been a few times by sheer coincidence before i knew anything about it... there's a website which sells shirts and tell the exact date of the weekend...

    My advice..... DO NOT WEAR RED... every time I have been all the gay people wear that color.. I wore it the first time i went and was hit on... i politely responded that i was straight and my girlfriend was in the bathroom... only to get the response "well she's a lucky girl" lol... he said he was sorry and i told him to have a nice day....

    I was not offended at all.... Disneyland to just too magical and everyone is full of happiness.... do no fret about crowds nor feeling uncomfortable... everyone is polite and very very respectful, as long as you show them the same courtesy....

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