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Poll: Have you been to Club 33?

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Disneyland and Other Disney Parks Discuss Club 33 in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Im really excited because next time we go to Disneyland, hopefully soon, my dad has a friend at work who is a member who can get us on the list, ...
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    Im really excited because next time we go to Disneyland, hopefully soon, my dad has a friend at work who is a member who can get us on the list, so I will get to go!
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    You are so lucky!!! You will have to tell ys all about it!

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    Club 33 is AWESOME - but, honestly, the food is better at Victoria & Albert's. ALSO - I would say when speaking STRICTLY about the cuisine, that Napa Rose could give it a run for its money. OF COURSE the history/exlusiveness of Club 33 is very exciting!! They make you feel really special when you eat there, and it's great to time your seating so you can see Fantasmic through the windows!
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    I've never been to Club 33, but I'm certainly willing to tag along if someone needs a lunch or dinner mate.
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    I found out about that place by a WDW special, don't they have a animatronic vulture?

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    I'm not too sure, but I heard that it doesn't work anymore.

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    ohhhh, sister and I both have dreams of someday being able to see club 33, it looks so cool!

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    My grandmother and uncle have been in there twice. Every time I go to DL I always pass by the door of club 33

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    the place where dreams come true...
    I should hopefully be going next March!!!
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    Club 33 Music

    Quote Originally Posted by nicks_ahoy View Post
    I would love to go to Club33 but never have gone.. Is it true that they have their own version of the song Grim Grinning Ghosts? has a station which only plays Haunted Mansion music. They play the GGG club 33 song sometimes. It's a piano & cello version of GGG.

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    Club 33 is on my "Bucket List".
    I got into the lobby on my Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour. I gaze at the door longingly everytime I pass it.
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    I just got my reservations confirmed! I am excited I am taking a friend on her first trip too!

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    Re: Club 33

    I dined there once, back in '96. My sister's husband was an executive for a company that maintained a membership at the time (they've since let it lapse). The food, wine, service and atmosphere were great. I remember being able to see Fantasmic from the veranda, although the view was somewhat obstructed by the lush trees around New Orleans Square. At least I had a glass of wine in hand, and was not sardined into the crowds below.


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    the CLUB 33 balcony!!!

    Re: Club 33

    I can't wait to go.... Lori and I dine there for lunch on September 7, 2009 ! ! ! !
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    Re: Club 33

    Quote Originally Posted by nicki12 View Post
    I found out about that place by a WDW special, don't they have a animatronic vulture?
    yes there is an animatronic Vulture at Club33. It is over a big table that is used for like meetings or large party's.
    The chandaller-sp?- has a mic on the bottom of it so that the man that was in a hidden room could hear what your saying and and he would speak and join the conversation as the Vulture.

    but the Vulture has been shut-up for sometime now (not sure when) but the Vulture is still there it just doesn't talk.

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