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    Post Disney’s Tom Sawyer Island: Too Old Media for 2007

    Disney’s Tom Sawyer Island: Too Old Media for 2007

    Out: Tom Sawyer and books. In: Jack Sparrow, movies, video games and, yes, vertical integration. Last October, Disneyland fans were wondering whether park officials would ditch Tom Sawyer for Jack Sparrow, turning Tom Sawyer Island, which was designed by Walt himself and opened in 1956, into a “Pirates of the Caribbean"-themed attraction. Or, as one observer put it, “Will Disney abandon book-lovers for Pirates 2.0?” Absolutely, Disney officials announced today, though they’ve slyly kept the island’s original name. On Friday, Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island will debut, timed, not coincidentally, with the opening of the latest “Pirates” film, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.
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    I hate that the they're blaming Disney because their children don't recognize who Tom Sawyer is. Isn't that your job?
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    So that is what they were doing, TSI was closed for rehab when I was there last month. We'll have to ask gymrat5 to go check it out for us!

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    Had a chance to visit and see the new upgrades. Here's a modified version of what I wrote on another message board.

    I have mixed feelings about how the theming fits into Frontierland. Basically, the island has become part of New Orleans Square now. Even though they call it Pirate's Lair at Tom Sawyers Island, and it's still listed on the map as being in Frontierland, there's pretty much nothing left of Tom and Huck except the island tree house which retained it's original name. I will miss the full second leg of the Mark Twain trip around the Rivers of America where you could look either port or starboard and see Frontierland backwoods. It could actually be peaceful and serene. Now I will see Cascade Peak port side, and pirates treasure and Will Turner's blacksmith shop starboard. And yes, it is sad that kids today are more familiar with pirate films than American literature. Times they are a changing.

    On the other hand, it's still nice they finally fixed a lot of what was broken, like the bridges, and put some TLC into the place. And although a couple of the new effects in the caves could have been done on a larger scale, I felt these were all genuinely atmospheric and scary. A lot of folks are complaining that it is too crowded and you have to wait in line to see the caves, but when I visited (Friday 6/8 early afternoon), in spite of Disneyland being pretty crowded, the Island itself was not crowded at all, I was alone in the caves (my wife elected to stay outside), did not have to wait for anyone ahead of me, and got to experience the effects to myself. The effect where the human prisoner turns into a cursed corpse is pretty well done.
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    I dont like it. It seems like they are not considering Walt's original visions when they do stuff like this. I dont care how popular the Pirates films are, Walt had a fondness for Mark Twain and his works and I think that Disney should uphold Walt's original interests because without them there would be no Disneyland.

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