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Disneyland and Other Disney Parks Discuss It's a Small World Changes in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; I agree with most of you - I don't like this idea at all!...
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    I agree with most of you - I don't like this idea at all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by InStitches View Post
    This whole thing makes me think of New Coke.
    If you ask me, that's a rather unfair comparison.

    Quote Originally Posted by InStitches View Post
    Sometimes the classic is just better.
    But not always. And not everybody is going to agree with a statement like that.

    Actually, I think that this whole overly-controversial topic would better off dying and being put to rest, especially before things start to get too crazy with members constantly slamming each other like on all the other battlefield/dictatorship Disney forums out there.
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    Well, it's been given the opportunity to die out 3 times now but was brought back to life 2 months later each time. That said, I dunno that it's "controversial" unless you treat it that way. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions, disagreements are healthy. It's when they get out of hand that it's inappropriate.
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    i agree jenn, some of us (myself included) like IASW the way it is, and some of us wouldn't mind the changes. basically don't be so negative because after all we really are just giving our opinions on a rumor.

    p.s. InStitches i love the Coke analogy
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