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Disneyland and Other Disney Parks Discuss Disneyland Closes Ride After Guest Gets Sick in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Disneyland Closes Ride After Guest Gets Sick -------------------- A visitor is stricken after riding the Bobsleds. Her doctor says her illness is not related to attraction. By Dave McKibben Times ...
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    Disneyland Closes Ride After Guest Gets Sick

    Disneyland Closes Ride After Guest Gets Sick

    A visitor is stricken after riding the Bobsleds. Her doctor says her illness is not related to attraction.

    By Dave McKibben
    Times Staff Writer

    June 29, 2005

    The Matterhorn Bobsleds ride at Disneyland was temporarily closed after a 62-year-old woman visiting from Peru was hospitalized after exiting the attraction, park officials said Tuesday.

    Disneyland officials said they notified the state's Division of Occupational Safety and Health and shut down the ride about 6:15 p.m. Monday, after the woman complained of nausea and dizziness. The Matterhorn, one of the park's most recognizable and popular attractions, was reopened at 4 p.m. Tuesday after state safety officials inspected the ride and spoke with the woman's doctor.

    The woman's doctor said her illness was not related to the ride, said Dean Fryer, a spokesman for the safety agency. "The statement correlated with what our inspection concluded, that there was nothing wrong with the ride."

    The woman asked first-aid attendants at the park if she could lie down after exiting the ride, said Maria Sabol, a spokeswoman with the Anaheim Fire Department. When her condition did not improve an hour later, she was taken to Western Medical Center-Santa Ana, where she was reported in serious condition.

    Anaheim Police Sgt. Rick Martinez said the unidentified woman had an existing medical condition.

    On June 13, a 4-year-old boy died at Walt Disney World in Florida after going on a ride that subjects the body to strong acceleration forces. The cause of death is being investigated.

    Copyright (c) 2005, The Los Angeles Times


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    Thanks for the article, I heard about this from someone on Wednesday or so. While I'm not rushing to cover Disney's *** here, is it not funny that although it has been said that the illness was not related to the attraction, Disney's name still gets tacked onto the article?

    "I really hope that people won't cherry-pick my quotes in the future
    and use them out of context to justify things that I would never sign-off on."

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    Okay... I am not trying to offend ANYONE who may be more... um... more seasoned than I ... But come on now what is a 62 year old (who has a prexisiting condition) doing going on a ride like that?? I'm not saying there should be age cut offs or anything.. (some 62 years olds are in better health that some 42 year olds)... But common sense here people!!! If you know you have some sort of medical condition then doesn't it just seem natural to skip this ride and go on Small World instead??

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    I don't think it is unreasonable to question why a 62 year old would get on this ride in the first place. There are notices on practically every ride like this at Land and World that you if you have pre-existing health conditions, please do not ride this ride.
    They always have to put the Disney name in the spotlight. I think it was very responsible of them to take the ride down for inspection - just in case.

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