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Disneyland and Other Disney Parks Discuss Disneyland help...please in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Okay... I hate to say this but our next vacation will not be WDW...(oh that hurts...) But we are going to Vegas next Octber..(yeah I like to plan ahead!!) So ...
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    Disneyland help...please

    Okay... I hate to say this but our next vacation will not be WDW...(oh that hurts...) But we are going to Vegas next Octber..(yeah I like to plan ahead!!) So I figure I could get my Disney fix by going to Disneyland for a few days.. I don't mind the car ride over.. A few hours is nothing to me.. But I would like to know a few things before hand..

    I'm looking for the what all the usual operating hours, the usual weather, and the usual crowds... are like during October??

    and any other advice I can get for a lander's 1st time...

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    OH MY GOD!!! I'm totally jealous! You should be there during the Haunted Mansion Holiday layover! I'm not sure when IASW gets its makeover, but I'm sure RU knows.

    Since you are a WDW VET, check out RU's guide for DL for the WDW Vet. It's helpful I think:

    Sorry, I cannot answer your crowds/hours/weather questions since I haven't been to DL during that time.
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    Hey there! I totally know how youíre feeling! Iím very excited for you & your trip. I just returned from a trip to Vegas with my DH & we spent a day at Disneyland (just for me!). I have still not done my trip report, but I promise it is coming soon! Perhaps on the way home this weekend, Iíll type it up & post it!
    AnywayÖ I would also suggest RUís guide that Amanda posted. It really helped me out a lot. I can not tell you anything about the Oct. crowds or anything, but if you have any questions regarding the drive overÖ Iíll be your gal!
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    Thanks Amanda and 4Mickey - I am glad the guide was useful to you.

    LV to Disneyland should be about 4.5 hour drive; depending on traffic etc.

    Disneyland in October will be ligth crowds unless it is during the Columbus Day holiday weekend. Hours should be something like 9:00 or 10:00 am to 8:00pm. Weekends will have longer hours maybe something like 8:00 or 9:00 till 11:00pm.

    Weather during the day should be in the low 70's. If we have low pressure maybe the mid to upper 60's. If we have a high pressure maybe upper 70's.

    Haunted Mansion Holiday will be operational in October. Typically it opens the last weekend of September. IaSW usually opens the week following Halloween - the Christmas decor begins at the same time and is fully up by Thanksgiving.

    As mentioned, my other guide will give you an idea of DL vs Magic Kingdom.

    If you have specific questions I am happy to help!


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