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    Mini Trip Report - 8/16 - lots of goodies too


    Well, been quite a week. Went to the Park on Tuesday and the first chance to write a trip report is Friday. I had a great time (as usual.) I met up with XFKirsten and we just had a relaxing time.

    First off, crowds are decreasing. I wouldn’t say empty but definitely smaller then a week ago. Made it nice after large crowds all summer (and before)

    It was a 4 show Tuesday for us – Snow White Musical (since it is going on a break soon), Parade of Dreams (needed Ariel Show Stop for my video which is now done), Remember..Dreams Come True, and Fastasmic. The result – almost filled 3 – 1 GIG memory cards

    Lots of pictures can be found by clicking on this line.

    There are 22 new wall papers by clicking on this sentence

    And as I mentioned above, my new multi-edit of Parade of Dreams is available by clicking on this sentence. My video goes through the entire Parade and then finished with the Show Stop – and clips of all show stops are in the video.

    Remember was quite unusual in the fact we got to sit. I mean the entire hub from close to Tomorrowland, across the Castle, and towards the Frontierland side – all of us sitting down. Wow, that was so unusual to have such a large area sitting.

    Fastpass was down. One CM said it was a virus. But we learned something with the entire system being down…

    I am a big proponent of FP. I like what it does. I have heard the anti arguments and have ignored them. But – wow – I am not so sure now. We walked out of HM one time and the Splash line was all the way to the HM exit. Now, on any given day a line that long easily hits 180 minutes. Without FP the line was only 45 minutes – whoa, what a difference. Space Mtn, in the middle of the afternoon which typically hits 150 minutes hovered at 60-75. Hmm, very interesting indeed.

    Oh, and one final word, beware of Pizza Port when the day is lighter then anticipated. I had some Penne and I paid for it for the next several hours. XFKirsten even mentioned her spaghetti was a bit crunchy.

    Anyway, that is all for now. I hope you enjoyed this mini-report and enjoy the new pictures, wall papers, and video.

    Oh, here are a few pictures (from the wallpaper link) to tease you with.


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    Nice photos!! Glad you had a good time

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    Thanks for sharing! Great pictures as usual.

    Makes me even more envious of you every time you go! I want to live close to Disneyland or World!!!
    Nothing to countdown to, so just smile and be happy everyday!

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