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Disneyland and Other Disney Parks Discuss First time to Disneyland in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; We are planning our first ever trip to Disneyland after countless trips to WDW. I plan to be in California for one week and am looking for a plan. What ...
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    Question First time to Disneyland

    We are planning our first ever trip to Disneyland after countless trips to WDW. I plan to be in California for one week and am looking for a plan. What should I do while there? Disneyland and California adventure of course. I figured we would check out universal hollywood also. Does anyone have any other recommendations? We will have a rental car.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Well, when are you going? I live in California and have had the privelege of having been to Disneyland several times in my life( haha I'm only 17) and Universal studios hollywood. I have yet to go to Ca. Adventure though. If you are planning to go soon, like during this month or next month, its nice weather for USH but it can get a bit chilly at Disneyland. Perhaps you can go to one of the beaches during your stay because they are alot of fun. Disneyland will take 1-2 days at most to cover most or all of the rides. I don't really like USH because I am not a rollercoaster kind of person but they do have some interesting rides and shows.

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    I am also a native Californian, Los Angelena to be exact. I think you should also try and go to Beverly Hills and the Hollywood walk of fame. Yes they are cheesy but where else do you actually get to see that stuff. If you are feeling cultural the J. Paul Getty museum is awesome and has the best view of Los Angeles on a good day The La Brea tar pits are also really cool and the Queen Mary, and Huntington Gardens, and oh I could go on forever. I miss home. Oh and make sure to eat at an In-N-Out burger. Great and cheap! If you have any further questions I'm always glad to help. You can always PM me.

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    As an East-Coast hamburger fan, I can vouch for the In-n-Out Burger...excellent! Make sure to get the fries "animal style"....

    I was at Disneyland/LA last August for a week. We spent 4 days at DL/CA, one day at USH, and 2 days driving around to the main tourist sites. Make sure you have an up-to-date LA Freeway map and lots of patience! I know you guys in NYC have some traffic jams, but you ain't really seen one until you've been to LA.
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