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Disneyland and Other Disney Parks Discuss Haunted Mansion ride & story being changed!!! in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; I heard it in the Magic Kingdom...
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    Seeing I've never been to Disneyland (but I'm going soon!) I don't have an opinion, but my mom is Haunted Mansion obsessed, and she'll be upset if they change anything too much. I can never tell how much I'll like a remodel until I see it because sometimes things turn out a lot better than I imagine.
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    I read the article and can't wait to go on the ride when it is "more 21st century-like". Even though I have been to DL 2 times, I have never gone on the HM, but I have gone on it in WDW. I do like how they have a storyline now, I think a storyline makes any ride better.

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    I don't know what to think. Part of me is intrigued, but I love the way it is right now. The Haunted Mansion is one of those rides you don't change. Then again, maybe we'll see what happens when Pirates reopens with new characters and such. Until then, I'll vote to keep the Mansion the same.
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    Once again I have to agree with Contemporary....
    I am a huge Haunted Mansion fan and I am definitely intrigued by the thought of adding a visible storyline to the Haunted Mansion. For those people out there who don't live Disney like most of us do it is hard to pick up that the bride is Gracey's fiancee and he killed her. I think that adding some more modern effects could only help enhance the ride as it is even though the effects are great now.

    I was more angered by the changes to Pirates than these proposed changes, I felt they drastically changed PotC while these will be more of an improvement.
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    Ok, I guess I'm behind the times. What's going on with the HM and Pirates? These are two of my favorite rides and from reading threads, I starting to get concerned.

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    I think I'll have to wait and see what happens first.

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