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Disneyland and Other Disney Parks Discuss disney land california in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; has anyone been to disney land california? if so post your thoughts and ideas there is a new park added called disneys california adventure i have heard good things about ...
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    disney land california

    has anyone been to disney land california? if so post your thoughts and ideas there is a new park added called disneys california adventure i have heard good things about it what rides are there and are they good

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    i have never been there
    but i have heard great reports

    but i can say i rode soarin'
    and that is the best ride ecver
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    The California Adventure side of the park is more or less (I'll go with more) a west coast MGM studios. For starters over there, they've got The Tower of Terror. It's basically the same as the one we all know and love, but just slightly different (The sights and presentation during the actual ride on the lift portion are a little different, but the drop is just as good as it is in central Florida).

    Jim Henson's Muppet-Vision 3-D is also there, just the same as at MGM, which is all rock and roll to me.

    There is an absolutely awesome coaster called California Screamin', and I dare say it's comparable to the Rockin' Rollercoaster (no offense intended to anyone who may be a bigger Aerosmith fan than I), and this one is an open air, outdoor ride. I'd like to think I'm pretty good about handling my guts, but I'll admit that after taking advantage of the brevity of the single-rider pass three times in a row, I was darned near sick as a dog right there in the street.

    A west coast version of Soarin' is there, too. Honestly, I've never been to the one at EPCOT (the time I tried, the line was outrageous, even for me, and I had a dinner date to keep with the loveliest waitress in China that evening).

    The last highlight I'll dig into is the Hyperion Theatre, where last time I checked, they were performing Aladdin as a stage musical. The show alone is worth the price of admission into the park. I've been known to watch two shows a day if I've got the time. The guys they have playing the genie are incredible, and I absolutely cheered when one of them did an uncanny Napoleon Dynamite impression (this prompted the genie to point right in my direction, smile, and remind me to "Vote for Pedro!").

    I think you'd dig the place.
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    I have mixed feelings about Disney's California Adventure. What it really amounts to is several well done isolated experiences. What I mean by that is that the theming all around you is not particularly presented well, there's no sense of cohesive storytelling from one "land" to the next, from one attraction to the next. There's not as strong a sense of being transported to a different world like there is across the esplanade at Disneyland.

    Many of the attractions rides are not worth it, such as the Orange Stinger, Tortilla Factory Tour, SS Rustworthy, Mulholland Madness, and so forth.

    On the other hand, the various attractions mentioned by ConceitedApe are definitely D or E tickets done well. Plus I'd like to mention that the Animation building is nicely done.

    Hence, you have several good rides plopped down into a half inspired environment.

    (I am however looking forward to the new Midway Madness ride being planned, which is said to be a variation on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and using other Pixar characters.)
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    California Adventure didn't impress me.
    It didn't seem very Disney and it didn't seem very unique. It seemed like any other local amusement park. I could have been back home at Valley Fair for all it was worth.
    My family felt the same way.

    Even Soarin' didn't make it any better. Though it was a totally awesome ride... it was the longest wait I'd ever been in for a ride. The ride wasn't worth the queue time.

    Sorry if I sound like a big ol' grouch... but that park really just wasn't all that great. It was fun sure... but so is going to Valley Fair.
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