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Disneyland and Other Disney Parks Discuss Peoplemover in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Does any one know whats happening to this ride?...
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    Question Peoplemover

    Does any one know whats happening to this ride?

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    Yeah, it was taken out several years ago, and now part of what used to be used for the PM is now Buzz LY AstroBlasters.

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    Date of Operation: July 2, 1967 - August 21, 1995
    Other Name: PeopleMover Thru the World of Tron from 1982-1995
    Sponsor: Goodyear
    Colors: Red blue, green, and yellow solid until 1987 and they had a white roof.
    Where: Tomorrowland, it started at a hub between what is now Innoventions and the restaurant. This hub and an elevator to the roof where the Rocket Jets were located.
    Replacement: 1998 saw the Rocket Rods which shook the buildings, had problems and died too soon.

    There has been talk by Disney fans about reopening this ride and moving the rockets back up on top of the hub.

    This link shows in green on a map the route of the People mover.
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    They still have bits and pieces of the track up. When I was there in May, I noticed that there are still chunks of people mover track on top of buildings or here and there.
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    So the rumor now is that they are going to use the old Peoplemover/Rocket Rods track for a new ride based on those retro-future dome-shaped monorail cars fom Syndrome's island in "The Incredibles."
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    THe tracks are untouched, and i have also heard about the incredible's ride. We'll just have to wait and see what will happen

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    From what I have read the expected date is around 2009-2010, I hope they move fast on that, I really loved the people mover and it is so nice having that ride there, WDW WEDWAY is sooooo nice!

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    It was a great break when you'd been running around all day.
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    Definately, plust the WedWay is a great tour and ride itself!
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