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Disneyland and Other Disney Parks Discuss Car toon spin in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Hi! I have never been on Roger Rabbit's CTS and was wondering if any of you nice folks can give me some info on it? PLEASE RESPOND!...
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    Cool Car toon spin

    Hi! I have never been on Roger Rabbit's CTS and was wondering if any of you nice folks can give me some info on it? PLEASE RESPOND!

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    There is a lot of information on the attraction here:

    I believe there was an accident on this ride at one point that caused a redesign of the cars.
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    Car Toon Spin is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland! I should point out though, the wait in line is longer than the actual ride (but what isn't at Disney? )- but it's well worth it. The queue is decorated to look just like you're in the movie, from the dark back alleys of Toontown, to Judge Doom's dip factory. It's great.

    Like many of the attractions at Disneyland, it's a dark ride, and a good one at that. It's also unique in the fact that it's aesthetically (sp?) pleasing from all angles; since you get to "drive" your cab as you go through the ride. You can attempt to keep it straight, or spin it until you hurl. There are no real animatronics on the ride, rather, stationary figures that have very little/no movement. (Twisting hips and up/down arms is about as much motion as they get)

    It's a great ride for kids, although there are some parts that ould be considered "scary." For one, you enter a darkened, strobe-lit laboratory of sorts, (complete with eerie electronic music) with the finishing scene being Roger being electrocuted by (in my opinion) the creepiest of the Weasels: the one in the straight jacket. They go heavy on the strobe light, and it seems then that the laboratory blows up, sending you through a series of stereotypical cartoon spirals, stars, and noises. Also, for any kids afraid of clowns, a little later in the ride, there are several large, looming clown figures that seem to reach out to your car.

    Other than that, it's a great ride and I highly reccomend it!

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    Great ride... just make sure u go on it before TOONTOWN closes..... lol .... toontown closes earlier than the actual park does.

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