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Disney's Wide World of Sports / runDisney Disney Marathon Events Discuss Minnie Marathon in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Is there anyone doing the Minnie Marathon in May? Or has anyone done it in the past? Just wondering what it was like. Thanks! Lori...
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    Minnie Marathon

    Is there anyone doing the Minnie Marathon in May? Or has anyone done it in the past? Just wondering what it was like.



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    I did the MInnie last year and am undecided for this year.

    It was really fun, and the distance (9-ish miles) is nice. The Minnie medal is adorable and the race shirts are not unisex, which is a nice touch. Rumor has it that this is the last year for the MInnie and that it will be replaced with a different race next year - possibly a princess-themed 1/2 marathon.

    The unique part is that it is a women-mostly race. I would say women-only but some men do run it. The only reason I'm on the fence about signing up is just that it may not fit into my training schedule this year. The course was a lot like the last 9 miles of the full marathon. It started at the Animal Kingdom parking lot, headed toward WWoS, had a hairpin turn-around, then through the Studios, the Boardwalk, and finally Epcot. It would be a good warm-up for women looking to do a 1/2 marathon in the summer months or a full in the fall.

    Important dates:
    Minnie Marathon 15K - 4 May, 2008
    Tower of Terror 13K - 25 October, 2008
    Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge Plus 5K - 9-11 January, 2009
    Princess 1/5 Marathon and 5K - 7-8 March, 2009

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    I did it last year, and I am doing it again this year! It was really fun, and the Minnie medal is adorable. The crowds are WAY smaller than the marathon weekend. They do have characters along the way. I remember last year that the very last girl walked across the finish line holding Mickey and Minnie's hands, it was so cute! Almost made you wish to be last. The expo was smaller but they did have some really good talks/seminars for women. One of them was a cooking demo with samples from food/wine, yummy! Champion had a talk about sports bras, they had a really good talk on self-defense, and one on walking/running for women. The tech shirts were black with pink lettering (although they were kinda small) and they gave us a cute black drawstring backpack that matched the shirts (I use it all the time). I am thinking about doing the 5K too if my mom decides to do it with me. You can also sign up as a team with one other woman. Then you get special bibs. Oh speaking of bibs, the Minnie 15K bibs do not have your name on them, just a number. You will love this event, it is a blast!

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    That sounds great!!! E is going to be running with me.He likes to do these races. Well if they make it a half marathon I guess I will be doing 2 half M this coming year.
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