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  • From Airport to Disney World

    What transportation do all of you take? We've used Mears and Tiffiny town car, but would like to try something different.

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    I have always rented a car. I like to eat at off site restaurants and even go to *cough* USF *cough* .

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      Bring a bike with you on the plane, it's good exercise! Just pack light.

      Seriously though, a towncar, Mears, regular taxi, or a friend giving you a ride - all are good IMHO.


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        I used to rent a car. Then I found the towncar services and have not stopped using them. I have used Tiffany Towncar in the past but am trying Quicksilver this upcoming trip.
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          Thank-you everyone.
          tigger guy...when my daughter & her family lived there (for about a year), we went off Disney grounds to eat. They took us to a place called 'BuddieFreddies' (or something like that)...yummy.
          Sam...good one. 'bring a bike.'
          Main Street...We're thinking of using Quicksilver this time too.


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            we used Mears and never had a problem


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              I've used Mears (which was great, except for all the stops) and even a limo service before, but have often been renting a car. Although Disney transportation is great (and I ride the monorail even if I have a car), it's tough sometimes waiting for a bus to go somewhere, and with all the stops, takes up to 45 minutes (my Disney-time is valuable, you know) Plus, now with the baby, car seat, etc., it seems like the car is the way to go.
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                One other alternative for East Coaters that I really like is the Amtrak AutoTrain. Drive to Washington DC (Well, Lorton, VA) and then put your car on the train. Then it's just a short drive the next morning from Sanford. It takes a little longer, but is less hassle, you get to see the country, and it's a train. (I love trains)


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                  Sam - I have always wanted to take the autotrain. I think it would be a fun way to get down here.

                  I am (was) part of the rental car clan. But now I just hop in my car and drive over.

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