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  • Old Animation Tour Movie

    HELP! I have a distraught husband on my hands. I just read on the DIS Boards that the Animation Tour has changed. He just loved the old one with Robin Williams and Walter Cronkite, I think I know the answer to this but here it goes anyway. Does anyone know where or how I could find a copy of this movie?

    EpcoT International Program June 21-January 21 1991
    Resorts we have tried;
    Yacht and Beach Club (our wedding)-1994
    All Star Movies -2004
    All Star Sports - 2006
    All Star Music Resort - 2008
    Coronado Springs -2009

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    I'd also be interested in seeing this if anyone has an idea where one is......
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      I know I have the movie somehwere, but I just uploaded the entire movie audio file to the Members Downloads section.

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        My husband taped it- so when I can find where I have it and when I figure out how to use my new DVD burner - I should be able to give something to Lou to put up here


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          While I am not much for rehabs, they did a decent job on the pre-show of the new tour. Still miss seeing the old movie there.