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Going threw DisneyWorld withdrawals

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  • Going threw DisneyWorld withdrawals

    It has been almost 2 years since I have been to DisneyWorld. I was hoping have a trip planned for this year. Unfortunately I was hurt on the job and tore my acl coming off a ladder. At this point it has been a year of surgeries and dealing with this. I am workers compensation right now and I have to say I hate it. They have discoveried I also have a nerve problem with my back which can be helped with physical therapy which sounds great but things are in limbo right now. My daughter is asking all the time when we can go but she really does not understand why money does not fall out of the sky. I was hoping to find some work I could do at home but I dont think there is any that you can find that are ligament.
    Right now I am finding that I really could use that vacation. DisneyWorld is a great place to have fun and forget about all the crude in your life. I am still hoping that things will go my way when it comes to getting that trip.
    I love reading about peoples excitement in planning their trip and counting down the days.
    I just want to say that everyone who has trips coming up that they have an awesome time and that it feels like it last longer than it is.!/ShannyPooh70

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    Re: Going threw DisneyWorld withdrawals

    Welcome! Hope you find some Disney happiness in the time you spend with us. An ACL is a hard one to get over, my DH did it too, rough.

    You'll find many of us are here for our Disney fixes and Disney fellowship.
    Shame you are so close and yet so far from a Disney vacation. The new offer Disney made for approximately $100 for 3 days admission might work for your family. Short window but the days do not have to be used consecutively, just check to see if they need to be purchased online.

    Sometimes those back issues come from having to sit so much with the rehab you do. My husband did benefit from physical therapy for his back.
    Mainly stretching type exercises to relieve the pressure. Careful though if you are on Workman's Comp with a Disney visit. Visiting a theme park can often void the Workman's Comp if you ride the attractions.
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    They aren't really good for anything,
    but they still bring a smile to my face when I push them down a flight of stairs.

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      Re: Going threw DisneyWorld withdrawals

      Sorry to hear of your injuries and hoping it works out.


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        Re: Going threw DisneyWorld withdrawals

        This forum does help with my fix. Believe me I understand about watching out what I do. I honestly just want to get better so I am not doing anything to make it worse. I am looking forward to going to Disney as a reward for everything getting better.
        You guys are this forum are very nice I appreciate your responds and messages. Thank you.!/ShannyPooh70


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          Re: Going threw DisneyWorld withdrawals

          This is a great place to start! Going through WDW withdrawals is something many of us go through. That's why we show up here. Don't forget to follow Lou with his Wednesday night WDW Newscast. Starts at 0730. Many of us go on a lot earlier to chat. Follow him on Twitter and FB too. That way you'll get his updates and daily doses of WDW inspiration. Hope you get through ok with your injuries. Hang in there!
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