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what is your favorate villian

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    Captain Hook would have to my favorite, then Scar, and then Gaston. Something that I just thought of is that my favorite villian from a movie ever is Colonel Tavington from The Patriot who was played by Jason Issacs and Jason Issacs also played Captain Hook in the newest Peter Pan (which wasn't as good as Disney's, but good nevertheless). Another favorite movie villian is Commodus from Gladiator. I actually hated Joaquin Phoenix for a while and now he is one of my favorite actors after I realized it was just his character in Gladiator that I hated.
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      My favorite Villian would be Kronk from ENG, Hades, then Mr Smee from Peter Pan!!
      hey yall!

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        I'm going to say Jafar and Iago are my fav. villians
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 many to chose from. I think my favorites though are Ursala, Cruella De Vil, and The Queen. The one that scares me the most is Malefiacent.

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            ursela rocks! even for a big girl, she is sassy! not only that she is working the tentacles.


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              Girl Star keep that photo up there! Anyway on topic mine is Bre'r Fox from Song of the South.
              I just love World of Warcraft.


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                Girl Star keep that photo up there! Anyway on topic mine is Bre'r Fox from Song of the South.
                I just love World of Warcraft.


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                  Shere Khan is my favorite of course!!!
                  I am not quite sure why, I just always loved The Jungle Book and he was just so elegant and cool.

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                    man villains rule i have a lot of favorites put ill pick 5


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                      Originally posted by zcook9
                      Where could I find this "Phantom Blot" ?

                      I like Hades from Hercules. I think he is hilarious .
                      The Phantom Blot was Mickey Mouses arch nemisis from early comic strips.

                      As for villians I like the Big Bad Wolf, Hades, and Shere Kahn.


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                        Ursula is my favorite!!! She has attitude, and a torch-singer lounge-lizard quality to her voice that makes the character. Plus, she knows how to play on everyone's weaknesses (Ariel=wants to be human; Triton=wants to protect Ariel; Eric= too easily spellbound). And her "henchmen" can actually complete an assignment - they're not bumbling idiots like in some other movies.
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                          Jafar and Scar
                          It's been too long!!!!!


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                            my girl Cruella!

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                              the phantom blot is in the house of mouse. .
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                                He is so cool and is one-liners are excellent!!!

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