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what is your favorate villian

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  • what is your favorate villian

    my favorate villian is the phantom blot.

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    I think my favorite villian is either Gaston, or Don Karnage, from Tale Spin. Must be something about French guys, I don't know. Does anyone know where I could find anything with Don Karnage on it? He is my mom's favorite character EVER (she's a French teacher) and we never can find anything for her with Don Karnage. Thanks!
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      I like Gaston and Ursela. They are both very unique. Also Ursela's songs are pretty funny!

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        Mine is Forte from BatB Enchated Christams....alas, he is in nothing else!
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          i like them all. i like their style!


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              OOOh... I have SO many favorite villains, I don't know where to start!

              Captain Hook!
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                Jafar from Aladdin.
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                  I have to go with Jafar as my ultimate favorite...villain or just plain favorite character period. Maelficent is a very close second though. I was so excited when I got to play against the twqo in "Kingdom Hearts" for Playstation 2 and I was so happy when both Jafar and Maleficent were huge parts in FANTASMIC!

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                    i like Chernabog, i've contemplated having him tattoo'd somewhere.

                    since the majority of real estate is taken or have "development plans", i may have to put him on my leg.


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                      Hades Rules! I think James Wood did an awesome job with him.


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                        My very favorite is Maleficent She even gives me the willies when I see her at the parks! Cap'n Hook is a close 2nd. C'mon... he's a pirate! What did you expect from me?
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                          I probably have to go with Captain hook-

                          But the Queen of Hearts is closely behind


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                            Does a villain's aid count as a villain? They are working for the bad guy, so I think that should qualify them. I would have to hand it to Kronk from TENG. He cracks me up!

                            If not, I have some difficulty deciding. Of course I have to mention Yzma if I felt inclined to mention Kronk. Ursela from TLM is also creepy cool, and Uncle Scar from TLK is hideously sneaky and pretty nifty too. But then again, I do love being able to laugh at the villian, so maybe Gaston is more my type of bad-guy. Oh, I dunno... no real preference I guess.
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                              Originally posted by JEANYLASER
                              my favorate villian is the phantom blot.
                              Where could I find this "Phantom Blot" ?

                              I like Hades from Hercules. I think he is hilarious .
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