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Transportation from airport to port canaveral?

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  • Transportation from airport to port canaveral?

    We are considering going on the WDW radio cruise in feb 2011,and wanted to know if renting a car to drive to port canaveral would be our best option,or does disney have a motorcoach that goes there on the day of your ships departure.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Transportation from airport to port canaveral?

    Both are good options, but it depends on how many are in your party. I've found that renting a car from the airport to the port is a cheaper option, but using Disney transportation is more convenient. With Disney transportation, you don't have to handle your luggage at Orlando as it books straight through to the cruise ship. Renting a car means waiting for your luggage, the line for the rental car, dropping off the rental car, etc. However if you are going to spend a few days at WDW before, the rental car is a better option.

    You don't have to make your decision until closer to the cruise, but price both options now.
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      Re: Transportation from airport to port canaveral?

      There are many choices when it comes to Orlando to Port Canaveral transportation. If you are considering transport service, Mears is the largest. In my opinion, all the time I have use Cocoa Beach Shuttle. They are a smaller company, but they give great service and seem to go the extra mile when it comes to late flight influx or early return flights.

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        Re: Transportation from airport to port canaveral?

        I'm planning on getting a towncar, hopefully splitting cost with another couple to save a little money


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          Re: Transportation from airport to port canaveral?

          Over on a cruise forum I'm on this comes up all the time! Depending on the number of people in your party, its usually cheaper to either rent cars or take a towncar.

          Personally....I don't mind paying for Disney Transport because I LOVE not dealing with my bags! We're doing pre and post cruise stays on our next cruise so it won't be quite the same....but if Disney does your transport and you come in the day of and leave the day you return and use Disney Transfers...then you don't have to deal with your luggage. You check in for your flights at your home airport...and thats the last you see your bags until you get to your stateroom. On the way home, you put out your bags the last night of the cruise and don't see them again until you get to your home airport. Assuming you are flying on a participating airline...this is the best feature of Disney tranport and to me, worth the extra money.

          But again, almost everyone else tends to tell you rent a car or take a towncar.

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            Re: Transportation from airport to port canaveral?

            I would probably go ahead and use the Disney transport from the airport to the port...

            but there might be a chance that I am already in town the weekend before to go to the Parks and see friends so might get one of them to drop me off/pick me up
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              Re: Transportation from airport to port canaveral?

              I would also recommend getting there the night before. That is what we do. Get a good nights sleep, then head to the port in the morning using the Disney transportation. We start the vacation the night before and get to the ship well rested. Don't forget to pack a good day bag either way so you have the essentials to enjoy the ship before your luggage is delivered to your room. We bring our bathing suits, bathroom supplies, camera etc in our day bag.


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                Re: Transportation from airport to port canaveral?

                I strongly encourage you to arrive the day before. It's much less stressful then RACING to the boat. As I understand it unless Disney books your air you are on your own if the plane is late.

                On one of our crusies we noticed we were late leaving the port. As we looked out the side a towncar came flying up and a family went RACING into the check in area. Just behind them was the LAST Disney bus with a couple of other folks on it. We met the family from the town car later in the cruise. Their plane was SEVERAL hours late and the DCL folks at the airport told them "See that bus, you MUST be ahead of that bus, when those folks clear check in the boat is GONE" SO they tipped the towncar driver to make SURE he kept that bus in the rear view mirror (and they said the bus was FLYING LOL!)

                Last DCL we did the Radission. It was around $99 and I left the car there for free. (It was cheaper to rent for a week then two one way) Probably will do that again.


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                  Re: Transportation from airport to port canaveral?

                  One other transportation service is Port Canaveral Transportation - or InterPlex Transportation -