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  • AquaDuck

    I am going on the cruise with Deb from AllEars next year on the Disney Fantasy and was thinking about taking a spin on the AquaDuck.

    I read something the other day on CruiseCritic though, that was talking about the AquaDuck on the Dream and the person mentioned that the raft was hard to get in and out of if you had bad knees.

    This concerned me a bit, as both of my knee caps dislocate. How bad is the AquaDuck on your knees. Is it really that much of a pain to get in and out of the raft? Does the actual ride have any real tight turns that jerk on your knees?

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    Re: AquaDuck

    The actual ride is extremely smooth. If you can get onto and off of an air matress lying on the ground (which essentially the raft is), you shouldn't have any problems.


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      Re: AquaDuck

      that's a great question and a great answer. good info to know.
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        Re: AquaDuck

        yep, perfect answer!
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          Re: AquaDuck

          When you board it at the top it's not going to move and you can take your time getting into it. When it gets to the bottom it is now floating in water and a little harder because it's moving a little. There is someone there to help you out if you need it.

          Give it a try at least once!!