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Pepper Spray Incident

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  • Pepper Spray Incident

    Anyone else see the news from this weekend? I noticed it after it started trending on Yahoo
    That's terrible that this happened. I can't imagine what effect this had on children and "the magic". As a former college program cast member, I also feel for the ones caught up in this - I hope they are ok.
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    Re: Pepper Spray Incident

    Idiocy knows no bounds.


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      Re: Pepper Spray Incident

      We have been discussing this on another thread. Given the guy is out of his mind, understatement.
      I am very disappointed to see how long it takes for Disney to get this under control. First the CM's are bringing him out, so the situation has been going on prior to the start of the You Tube video. The security officer seems to be no match for the "guest." It takes forever for additional higher level CM's to arrive and they are doing more crowd control, think you'd get the attraction CM's to do that part??? As the YouTube ends, it is still the guests that are handling the "guest."

      As I thought about this for about a day now I am surprised at how long it takes to get security to get to a disturbance. They have access to back stage routes without crowds. I guess, post 9/11 I thought there would be a better master plan than an up in age security guard with a love of pepper spray in place.
      Hope this is a wake up call that maybe response time needs to be revisited.
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        Re: Pepper Spray Incident

        Missed this one, surprising.